5 Things We Learned BAFA Division One South – Game-week 3


Division One South has had three powerhouses at the top of their respective divisions, however there’s some interesting races for second place heating up. Here’s the 5 things we learned from the third week of Division One South action!

So Close!

One of our favourite moments from last season was seeing the Coventry Cougar Ladies pick up their first win in the mixed league. We commend the Cougars for taking a stab at the male-dominated league, and showing they can mix it up with the boys. Their win over the Leicester Eagles last season was impressive, and they almost made two in a row against sides from Leicester.

It wasn’t to be, as the Huntsmen scraped by, 29-25, but the Cougars could have a chance soon. They take on the 1-win Rugby Raccoons and Northants Titans Black next! After that game-day, a rematch against the Huntsmen looms…

Tight at the Top

The most competitive division in the Southern Division One has been the mid-south so far. The Titans White are leading the way at 6-0, but they’ve got the Coventry Panthers and Bedford Blackhawks breathing down their necks. Both the challengers elect have been pretty dominating over the sides below them in the table, but it all comes down to the 23rd of June, where the three teams will tee off against each other! If either side can scalp the Titans White, we’ll have a real race on our hands! If the Titans White come through unscathed, they’ll have essentially sewn up the division.

Reapers Lead the Pack

With the Smoke grabbing the headlines at the top of the South East Division, the race for second and some potential seeding has been very interesting. There’s a mix of teams stuck at 3 wins, but the Southern Reapers are the only 1 loss team left in the division. The Reading Knights were FFW HQ’s fancied challenger after they took down the Buckinghamshire Wolves, but the Reapers showed their class with a 30-21 win over the Knights. The Reapers have been fairly porous on defence, allowing almost 100 points more than the Wolves, but their high-powered offence has them sitting pretty at #2. After the next game-day, the Reapers won’t have to worry about the Smoke, as their series will be done for the season. A final day showdown against the Bucks Wolves could be all-or-nothing depending on how the other divisions play out!

Calmest Storm

The Storm figured to add to an intriguing South West Division race with their pre-season preparation. They looked to have some experience under their belt which would serve them well. Indeed, after week one they had already gotten off the work. However it was all downhill from there, as the Storm have now forfeited two game-days in a row, which rules them out of playoffs. In the grand scheme of things, the forfeit issue hasn’t been too bad this year, but the Storm have let the league down.

Falcons Soar

The Exeter Falcons got off to a bad start in Division One, dropping a game to the Swansea Hammerheads – the Swansea side’s only win this year. The Falcons have had to claw back from that disappointment and now find themselves sitting behind the excellent Trojans. They’ve just ousted the fancied Plymouth Buccaneers, and could cement their place with two big wins over the Celts and Buccs at the next set of games! Catching the Trojans is going to be an impossible task, but the Falcons could hold on for a chance at promotion if other results go their way.

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