5 Things We Learned – BAFA Division One South Game-week 5

One the South East and South Mid divisions played this past game-week, but there were still plenty of take-aways! Here’s the 5 things we learned from all the action!

Smoke Seal It

The London Smoke came into the year as the heavy favourites to get promoted. Even with a tricky division, they’ve breezed through, scoring a ridiculous 643 points with 2 games to go. With their two wins over the Wolves (Buckinghamshire and Ware), the Smoke are now confirmed as the South East division champs. From what we understand, they’ll be entering the SEC Premier Division next year. We’re already excited for their match-ups against the Rebels, Buttonhookers, among others…

Don’t Fear the Reapers

The Reapers needed near perfection to sneak into a potential promotional play-off situation. They’ve had the Knights breathing down their necks all year, and the Reading side managed to tie the series up between the teams with a 43-18 victory. The bad news didn’t stop there for the Reapers, as they fell to the Wight Hell Hounds, 62-60. This sounds like a humdinger of a contest!

With those losses, the Knights have leap-frogged the Reapers, and need to defeat the Bucks and Ware Wolves at the next game-day to cement their promotion bid. The Knights ousted the Hell Hounds 34-27! With things going their way in the South Mid and South West, they could wind up with a promotional playoff soon. Bedford and Exeter are the teams they need to look out for!

Wight Win!

The Wight Hell Hounds’ victory over the Reapers was their first of the year! It was a long time coming, but the Hell Hounds have had some close contests, narrowly losing to the Lucky R’s and and Ware Wolves in previous weeks. No-one wants to see a side go winless, so congratulations to the Hell Hounds!

On the last note of the South East, we had some strong feedback on our last stats updates. For context, we’re relying on sides submitting their stats in a timely manner to their league representative in order to punch them into our fancy computer machines. Then, we provide you guys with the latest standings and updates! It looks like there’s a couple of games missing for this division, but they’ve been found now. That’ll explain any boosts in numbers for South East players (as if the Williams’ brothers and co. needed any more help)!

Titans Prevail

Like their Titans Blue counterparts, the Northants Titans White thought that the division was going to slip away from them in the first game of the day against the Bedford Blackhawks who had beaten them in the previous game week. The Titans started slow, falling 14-0 behind in the first half. Whatever was said in the half time huddle worked, as Titans White came out firing, scoring 18 unanswered points to take the victory which effectively seals the South Mid. They finished the day with a dominant performance over the Rugby Raccoons which saw them complete the day 2-0.

Also, Titans Black completed their first winning game day after handing the Coventry Panthers a devastating loss which effectively puts them out of promotion contention. Adam Ribano lead from the front to see the Panthers off, 23-13. They would get revenge on the Cougars Ladies after they decimated the Titans Black in the previous game week by picking up another win, 34-13. While things have somewhat fallen apart for the Titans Blue, there was some success to be enjoyed in the camp.

Panthers Tamed

The Coventry Panthers had one foot in the Division 1 promotion trail until their most recent performances. They fell in surprisingly fashion to the Titans Black and Leicester Huntsmen. Neither side have been playing well to date and it has left them in no man’s land -one game back from the Bedford Blackhawks. They’ll be unlikely to battle for promotion until 2019. They will face stiff competition though with the Lions and potentially Cougars coming down. This could have been their chance to try to move up into the premiership but instead they could be waiting a while.

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