5 Things We Learned – Division One North Game-week 2

Badgers and Revolution walk it

The Warrington Revolution and Nottingham Honey Badgers both faced tough opposition this past game-week, as they took on the closest challengers to their place. The results? Emphatic. Warrington put up over 80 points on the helpless Buccaneers, while the Honey Badgers pitched a shut out against the Calderdale Knights. They’re on a collision course to see who takes the top seed in the MEC, and we can’t wait for that match-up!

Development Teams in Action

Starting with the negatives, the Glasgow Killer Bees and Sheffield Giants 2 are finding life tougher than their Premier Division counterparts. The former picked up their debut win against the Sabres, but fell to the Grangemouth Colts and Aberdeen Silvercats. The loss to the Colts will sting most, with the Killer Bees defence spotting their offence a 13-0 lead mere minutes into the contest. The offence couldn’t match their performance, as they lost 25-18. The Colts had just come off a 1 point loss in their debut game against the Sabres. Given the success the Silvercats and Killer Bees enjoyed against the Midlothian side, the Colts will feel this is an opportunity missed. It’s the Silvercats who so far look the most assured out of the development sides entered into the league this season, as they sit at 2-2, with their losses coming against the Spartans and Carnegie.

Sheffield Giants 2 dropped to 0-4 and haven’t looked overly competitive in any of their games to date. We anticipate the experience gained by a number of their female players will be vital in the Giants’ push for the Opal Series title however.

Fall of Cheshire

The Cavaliers have been a mainstay in the league for a few years, and flirted with the playoffs last season, mostly due to the play of Sergio De Paco. Sergio departed this offseason to join the Manchester Crows, and the Cavs haven’t been able to replace him. They sit 0-4 as things stand, losing by an average margin of 19-50 so far. The Cavaliers were making strides, and were ever-present at invitational tournaments, picking up valuable experience which translated into their late-season surge at the tail end of 2017. They’ll need to pick things up fast if they want to push for any kind of post-season berth.

Cruise Control Carnegie

With the rest of the HNC in a tailspin, Carnegie didn’t even need to be at their best during this past week of action. With or without superstar Brandon Lamb, it makes no difference, they’re the class of the division. A 35-0 win over the Silvercats, and 47-12 triump over the Sabres punctuated their early season statement. Once Brandon returns to the lineup, we’ll see just how close Carnegie can get to their brilliant best, which will us a lot about their chances of winning the Division One crown.

Experience Helps

The MEC, and to an extent the HNC, is showing that experience can be a great tool for success. The Wigan Bandits are putting in some real work, and can owe a lot of their early victories to the lessons learned when their main players suited up for the Wigan Warhawks. The Honey Badgers, Calderdale Knights and Nottingham Bears are 1, 2 and 3 respectively in the MEC East, as they had the luxury of entering division one with several seasons in the BAFA leagues under their belt.

In the HNC, Carnegie are top of the heap, likely to be joined by the Spartans, and have taken advantage of the rookie mistakes the other teams in their division have made.

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