5 Things We Learned – Division One North Game-week 5


With so little time left in the season, there’s still plenty of intrigue in the North, as teams are battling for those championship spots! Here’s the 5 things we learned!

MEC East Conquered

With a game-day to spare, the Nottingham Honey Badgers wrapped up their division in quick fashion. The Honey Badgers dismantled the Rotherham Roosters and cross-town rivals, the Bears, scoring 44 and 48 points respectively. The Honey Badgers have been the most consistent outfit in the MEC, and have deservedly earned themselves a shot at promotion. If they hold serve, they should go in ahead of the Revolution by virtue of head to head record.

HNC Hammered

Meanwhile in the HNC, Carnegie sealed their division with minimal fuss. They destroyed the Colts, before being tested by the Paisley Spartans. The Spartans went down swinging, as the game was within a score at half-time. The final score of 41-18 is misleading, as this game was a contest throughout the majority of the 40 minutes. It’s been easy for Carnegie, but they’ll face tougher tests at the Division One Championships! A place in the HNC Premier division has been sealed with their division title.

Cavaliers Clinch It

The Cavaliers have finally recorded their first win of the season! We now have officially no winless teams left in Division One, showing the parity of all the sides involved. The Cavs toppled the Buccaneers 30-22 to earn the W. Well done to the Cavaliers for continuing to press on, despite the difficult season.

Silvercats Struggle

The Silvercats were in the driver’s seat for a chance to get promoted after defeating the Colts in Glasgow. They dropped a game back to the Colts however, as without receiver Andy Keith, the Silvercats missed all of their offensive firepower. They fell 27-6, and struggled against the hosting Colts.

Their season might be ended however by a draw against the Glasgow Killer Bees. The Cats were arguably fortunate to get away with the draw, after a late pick-six brought them back on level pegging. The Killer Bees managed to drive down to the 6 yard line with time expiring, but the final series came to nothing, and both sides had to settle for a 20-20 tie.

The Silvercats have the Sabers and Carnegie at the next game-day, so it’d be safe to guess they’d go 1-1. Last time the sides played, a bitter member of the Sabers took to Facebook to complain about the refereeing in their 32-31 loss. The main complaint seemingly being that there was confusion around who was actually in the lead. Hopefully we don’t see a repeat of that! The Colts have Carnegie also, as well as the Paisley Spartans. Only a point separated the Colts and Spartans in Paisley. Could they do the Silvercats a favour?

Picture a Knight Fight

The Calderdale Knights were the subject of some unfortunate news this past game-week, as news spread of two of their players fighting on the field. This has been a bit of a lost season for the young side, as they slipped to 5-6, going 0-2 on a day where they needed perfection. Tempers boiled over, as two Knights began to bicker and swing punches. From what we understand, both players were understandably ejected, and apparently the police were involved.

There was an apology for the incident online, and assurance this would be handled in house. We never want to see anything like this happen, but we’re glad that it hasn’t been left to fester, and hope the Knights can focus on their offseason and an assault on promotion next year.

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