5 Things We Learned – Division One North Gameday One

The Division One North kicked off in style in week one, and we saw a few favourites set the tone. Here’s some things we learned after week one!

A Ton of Fun

Carnegie Flag Football look to have their division sewn up already, as they defeated the Glasgow Killer Bees and Paisley Spartans. They were the only team to go perfect on the day, and can look to a life in the Premier Division if they keep this up. Their two wins on the day gave QB Neil Arnold his 100th win in the BAFA leagues, and we want to extend our congratulations to Neil on his incredible accomplishment.

Beasts in the (MEC) East

The Nottingham Honey Badgers lived up to their billing with a 2-0 day, as they’re a team in the division with some playoff pedigree. The Calderdale Knights might not have that level of success, but they certainly have experience and guile, which they used to also go undefeated. We’re excited to see these two sides attempt to one up each other throughout the year, as they’ve got plenty of history against one another!

The Revolution will be televised

The Warrington Revolution were our favourites for the MEC West and did not disappoint as they picked up two victories, and they did so in style, conceding only 12 points on the day, and scoring 44 PPG. They have the makeup of a savvy veteran side, despite this essentially being their debut season. All credit goes to Lewis Jaundrell and co. for their hard work which led to this accomplishment.

Robert Welti makes an incredible catch but it is not enough to take down the Buccs – Credit: James Brewerton

Shiver Me Timbers!

While the Revolution are in the driving seat, and lived up to the tag of favourites, it was the Chorley Buccaneers who might be the story of the MEC East. They picked up an impressive win against the athletic Oldham Owls, and dominated the Cheshire Cavaliers, who were flirting with the playoffs last season. Honestly? They shocked us with how well they performed. Can they maintain this success? Their first big test comes this weekend when they play the Revolution!

Who Invited These New Teams Anyway?

Experience is great, but it’s not everything. There were a few teams who were hoping they’d have a leg up on the new teams entering the league as they’d want to leverage their years of playing into some early success. This wasn’t the case, as the Nottingham Bears, Cheshire Cavaliers and Midlothian Sabers all went winless and sit at the bottom of their respective divisions. They’ll want to get some wins on the board soon before their seasons become lost already.

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