5 Things We Learned – Division One South Final Game-week

BAFA Division One South has had two teams clearly ready for the Premier Division, but there’s plenty of sides also flirting with promotion. With the dust settled, here’s the 5 things we learned from the final game-week!

Titans Secure Division

Unlike their elder brother, the Titans White produced a fantastic final day to secure the South Mid Division 1 Crown. They came into the day under strength but managed to put in a strong offensive performance, scoring 100+ points across the 2 games while conceding only 20. The safety pairing of Alex Towler and Vadim Cretu blanketed opposing receivers, while Sam Tibbles showed that he can pick apart anything a defence throws against him when given time. He’ll need to make sure he’s on his toes when the Titans White face off against the Honey Badgers on the 18th of August, as they currently have one of the strongest blitzing talents in attendance at Britbowl. We are looking forward to this match up to see how the Titans White defence deals with the dual QB of the Honey Badgers.

More importantly, they have a date with Destiny on the 16th September against the Chichester Sharks to see if they are going to be playing in the Prem next season.

Blackhawks Have a Shot

Bedford Blackhawks had a chance at the South Mid title, but results didn’t go their way. All they could do was make sure they win out to earn a playoff shot, and they delivered. Two strong performances against the Cougars Women & Huntsmen followed, as they racked up over 100 points between the two games. They’ll come up against tougher opposition against Carnegie on the 18th, and they’ll need to be firing on all cylinders to have a shot at trying to bring down the juggernaut who are favoured to make the final.

They also will have a shot at making their way into the Prem next season against the Birmingham Lions. If Lions come in unprepared, we could be seeing them in the Prem in 2019.

Staying Perfect

The Tydfil Trojans and London Smoke did the necessary work to stay undefeated for the regular season, joining the Carnegie squad as the only undefeated teams in Division One. London have earned themselves a spot in the SEC Prem, as well as a fairly easy first round match against the Grangemouth Colts in the Championship brackets. The Trojan have a tasty tie against the Warrington Revolution, who themselves are a very strong squad. We’re excited for that game, as whoever emerges could be a dark horse to win the whole thing! The Trojans will be joining the SWC Premier division next year after being automatically promoted.

Wolves Play Spoilsport

The Reading Knights were hoping for a lot of things to go their way, as they kept an eye on the Bedford Blackhawks and Exeter Falcons in the final week of games. They forgot their own though, as the Buckinghamshire Wolves and Ware Wolves both got results against the Reading side. A 21-all draw with Ware and 21-18 loss to the Buckinghamshire side resigned the Knights to the plate competition and out of promotion contention.

The Southern Reapers fell off a cliff towards the end of the year, as they drew with the Lucky R’s and lost to the Bucks Wolves. The Wolves will now take the place formerly occupied by the Reapers in the plate competition, as their perfect day put them at 7-4-1 – tied with the Knights in second place. The Wolves have the Wigan Bandits, while the Knights have the Nottingham Bears.

Falcons Get No Help

The Falcons were the team in need of the most help, and almost got it from the South East teams. Bedford going 2-0 meant Exeter would have to settle for the plate, but they put in a strong effort in the final round of action. They avenged their loss to the Hammerheads with a 25-12 win, and lost by only 2 scores to the Trojans. The Falcons get a match-up against the Chorley Buccaneers to look forward to, as they may find themselves gunning for a promotion place next year!

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