5 Things We Learned – Division One South Game-week 2

Smoke Slowing Down?

Well well well, just when everyone had crowned the London Smoke, they put in a clanger of a performance, scoring a measly 46 points against the London Lucky Rs. The Smoke could be going cold at the worst time of the season…

…We just can’t. The only hope for other teams in Division One is that the Smoke get so bored they try to give themselves a challenge mid-game. They might have their attention turned to Big Bowl, but we expect them to be hoisting the trophy at the end of season.

Work Like a Trojan

The Tydfil Trojans have emerged as the favourite to take the South West division after another 2 huge wins over their division foes. With a two game lead now, the Trojans look set for a place in the post-season. Their mix of experience and skill is proving too hot to handle for their opposition, and while we had other squads ahead of them initially, they’ve proven us wrong.

Back to the Pack

The Leicester Huntsmen enjoyed 2 big wins in their debut week, but their encore was far from successful. 2 heavy losses to the Northants Titans White and the Bedford Blackhawks means they’re facing an uphill struggle to challenge for promotion this season.

First Forfeits

It took two weeks, but have our first forfeits of the season. A mixture of injury and lack of players meant the Swindon Storm were unable to field a team at their most recent set of fixtures. Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend, as the Storm were actually competitive in game-week one, picking up a victory before falling to the Trojans. There’s really no excuses for teams to be absent, as there’s always something to play for this season.

Titans under Siege

The Titans White were the hot favourites to take their division, but they could see stiff competition from the Bedford Blackhawks and Coventry Panthers. Both teams have plenty of experience to draw on, and this could give them a leg up against a team with a rookie QB. That being said, Sam Tibbles is acclimatising well to life out of the youth leagues, and is putting up numbers in Division One. How long before he takes over the reins at the Titans Blue?


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