5 Things We Learned – Division One South Gameday One

Some of the action from the first week of the Division One South gave us more questions than answers, but here are 5 things we learned from the opening exchanges!


The London Smoke laid down the gauntlet to the rest of the BAFA leagues, and we don’t just mean Division One. They were dominant in their debut, scoring a plethora of points and conceding few. Behind the speed and experience of Henry and Charlie Williams, the Smoke would probably be competitive in the Premier Division today, but they’ll need to wait before having a crack at the top teams in the nation. That wait will almost certainly only be one season.

South West Parity

The South West Division is the one that has us scratching our head the most. On the surface, you have the Trojans leading the way, and that’s not too much of a surprise given their talent. If you take the standings at face value, you’d think the Plymouth Buccaneers were capsized, but they lost by a solitary point against the Celts, and are that close to being in the playoff race. Every other team went 1-1, picking up wins and losses against one another and causing chaos with our standings calculations. If is stays this way throughout the season, we’re in for a rollercoaster ride towards the playoffs.

A Tie!?

Ladies and gentlemen, it took one week for us to have our first tied game of the BAFA league season. The London Lucky R’s and Wight Hell Hounds both went 0-1-1 on the day, and played out a 26-26 nail biter. We’re just glad they didn’t accidentally play an overtime period…

A Challenger Emerges

We had the Northants Titans White nailed on winning the Mid South division, as they were almost a Premier Division team in their own right before falling short at the final hurdle last season. They didn’t look convincing in week one however, as they conceded 31 points to an under-strength Coventry Panthers team. They’re still 2-0, but they’re going to have competition from the Leicester Huntsmen, who also went undefeated on the day. The two teams square off on this coming game-day, and we’re excited to see who takes the early initiative.

No forfeits!

Honestly, we were quite worried about the number of new teams taking part in the league. For a change, there were no last minute call offs leaving teams in a lurch. All the fixtures scheduled to be played, were played, and we’re delighted to report that.

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