5 Things We Learned – MEC Game-week 2

The Giants Are Back

After a disappointing week 1, the Giants looked like their usual selves again, scoring over 40 points per game! QB Dean Whittingslow looked back to his best with several pin point passes which tore the opposing defences to shreds! Even with the absence of Josh Allen, in the squad the Giants offence looked to be firing on all cylinders! Can they keep this up?

Credit: Manchester Crows

Hot and Cold Crows

The Crows are stacked with talent – QB Talha Javed and DB/WR Matt Wilkinson are on there way to becoming, or already are, household names. They have a great combination of speed and size with the potential to progress, but what stops them? The Crows were very impressive in gameday 1, narrowly going down to the Titans but I don’t think anyone seen the hammering from the Giants coming! Will they bounce back vs the HNC in gameday 3?

Titans – No QB? No problem!

QB Alan Mead was missing from the first game of the day vs Sheffield Vipers, but David McInally was at hand to step up and fill his HUGE shoes. McInally threw for 4 TDs and 1 int during the game. That wasn’t the story of the day though – the Titans defence stepped up in a big way, with 12 points conceded combined over the 2 games. The stop unit looks like a tough match up for any opposing offence!

Sheffield Vipers in their new gear. Credit – Sheffield Vipers

New Kit – More Problems?

The Vipers rocked up to the tournament in a new reversible kit (which looked pretty sweet) but this did not stop the problems on the field. They must have thought they had won a watch when Titans QB Alan Mead was not going to be available for the first game! The Vipers never really got going without their own signal-caller, as Keith Woodley was absent from proceedings.

They played Leeds Samurai in what looked like a relegation battle however Leeds wiped the floor with Sheffield, and in truth the game never looked close – is it worrying times in the green side of Sheffield? There are enough games left to turn this around, but at the moment the Viper’s look destined for that automatic relegation spot.

MEC – Gameday 3 – Acid Test?

The MEC has a load of talented players, just how good is the division? Can the Titans, Giants and Crows match the top teams in the HNC? Gameday 3 will give us an indication of where the teams in this division are actually at and how far they can actually go this season! There are a few tasty looking clashes coming up – will Aberdeen get revenge on the Titans who beat them at FNY? My clash of the day is Giants vs Hornets! Sheffield on the up, surely victory vs the Hornets puts them as a legit contender once again? THIS WILL BE INTERESTING!

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