5 Things We Learned – SEC Game-week 2

Don’t call it a Comeback

Please, don’t. The Buttonhookers looked back to their old selves, scoring seemingly at free will, while also improving defensively. Ryan Loftus returning to the starting lineup is likely the biggest reason for their upswing in performance.

It’s not much a story though, because this is the standard we’ve come to expect from the Buttonhookers. When they’re on, they’re damn near impossible to beat. Generally, they beat themselves. We mentioned the errors they made against the Rebels, but they just looked off at Flagging New Year. They’ve seemingly re-calibrated, but will dreams of winning Big Bowl take their eye off the prize?


The Victoria Park Panthers crashed back down to earth after their week one heroics. With a small squad, they struggled against the Buttonhookers and Rebels, losing heavily to both. Still, their win over the Rebels has somewhat put the…panther among the pigeons, and if the Rebels wobble even slightly, the Panthers could be there to pounce.

Jumping the Sharks

In the relegation…lion-shark fight between Reading and Chichester, we saw Reading take first blood. The Sharks handled the Lions effectively last season, but are looking like…sharks in the headlights so far this season. Reading look safe in the Premier Division for now.

Both teams are probably looking at their inter-conference game-days as the best opportunity to gain ground on each other.

Rebels’ Defence

We highlighted it before, but the Rebels defence might just be their Achilles’ heel this season. Kenny Bello has been their standout performer so far, but given he’s famous for his play at receiver, that is a slight cause for concern. We’ll give them a pass since they’ve played the Buttonhookers and Panthers twice. Their points conceded against the Reading Lions was alarming however.

Can they hold back the waters when the Hurricanes come to town? We can’t wait for that match-up!

Wicked West

The SEC teams have been infighting for a while, but it’s time for them to welcome some of the teams from the SWC. The SEC teams looked primed to do well, as we only really believe the Hurricanes will be up to the challenge. As mentioned before, the teams fighting to avoid relegation will see a chance to pick up some valuable wins, while the rest of the SEC might be able to put up some serious points.

You’re in for a tough couple of game-days SWC. Prove us wrong.

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