5 Things We Learned – SWC Game-week 3


Cardiff Blowing Through the Competition

Cardiff were ruthless during gameweek 3 as they took on the Reading Lions & Chichester Sharks, putting up a monster 125 points in two games, however, they also conceded the most points during a game day all season with 52. This shouldn’t be too much of a concern, as when the defence was down, their offence was right there to pick them up with 7 different receivers picking up scores, showing that it doesn’t matter if you take away their biggest threat because they have multiple weapons on that offence. Joe Cotterill had another great outing, throwing 18 TDs and 11 XPs, while even picking up 4 picks on defence, returning one for a score. The big game day in Coventry is looming where we’ll see how Cardiff sits among the great SEC teams and if the hype is warranted about this 2018 Hurricane Squad.

I’d be Lion if I said they didn’t have a chance

The Birmingham Lions entered the day winless after some disappointing results against their SWC foes, but hosting their own game day was always going increase their chances of picking up a win as it allows them to bring in a whole host of talent. The offence started firing well, putting up 47 points against the Sharks with Rohan Sandhu chucking a 7 TDs  as things started to look as if they were turning around. They picked up the win despite the defence conceding 37 points to the experienced Sharks side. The second result wouldn’t go their way losing to their Lion counterpart from the SEC by 1 score but they looked like they getting out of their slump and could find themselves surpassing the next team on our list to avoid automatic relegation.

Cougars Fall Short

The Coventry Cougars are a frustrating side because when they are on their game, they can beat anyone, but consistency has been a huge factor in their demise over the last few years. They are fast, elusive and have more experience than most teams due to the great set up they have in Coventry and they are all still so young, however, they are missing pieces from last year in the form of Danny Caballero who has moved his talents up north. Sam Finnie hasn’t been there consistently and the loss of James Ashmore under centre is a tough one as he is one of the elusive QBs around. It also doesn’t help having less than 6-7 players on a regular basis, especially during those tough games where having a larger squad helps with fatigue. With the Lions looking ready to surge in the SWC, the Cougars will need a spark to avoid the automatic relegation.

Day out in the Big Smoke

The Spartans, Titans & Phantoms all travelled down to London for a difficult SEC challenge which saw all three teams fall short, going 0-9 between them on the day. The only bright light was the Spartans almost picking up a victory against the Victoria Park Panthers, but losing by 1 point. The Northants teams didn’t fair as well, not even challenging the teams they faced. All three teams will be putting their day out in the big smoke in the rear view mirror and will look to try and pick up valuable victories when they travel to Chichester on the 24th of June.


I know this might seem like the most obvious things we learned from this game day weekend, but the SEC is greater than the SWC and it’s not even close. The record on the day for the SWC was 3-10 whilst the SEC stormed into a 10-3 record. Cardiff hold the only hope for the SWC to pick up victories against the remaining SEC teams, unless the Lions have Tristan Varney and the 2015 team on speed dial and the Cougars manage to get that Sean Douglas over on the next available flight.




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