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5 Things We Learned – SWC Prem Gameday One

Home Game Days = More Players

With teams descending into Cardiff from the Midlands and surrounding areas, the first sight those teams saw was a large array of Hurricanes Players which included 21 dressed to play and had a number of players still missing through injury. This allowed Cardiff to play their first 2 games with virtually different line ups, with Joe Cotterill being the only constant under centre. Cardiff looked fantastic throughout the day and every one of those 21 players contributed, but it remains to be seen that their large squad will travel when they have to make the trip 3 hours over to Northampton in a few weeks’ time.

A Hurricane forming – Credit: Sportphoto.Wales

Have the Lions been tamed?

After an excellent 2017 season which saw the Lions reach the Britbowl Final, the flag football universe were confident that the Lions were back after their forfeited end to the 2016 season. However, when the rumour mill started turning about Tristan Varney’s departure, people were worried. There was still a strong feeling though that Lions would compete – they still boast some of the best athletes in the entire league. On Saturday, they started slow, still looking for chemistry between Rohan Sandhu and his receivers. Cardiff took advantage running roughshod in the first half to lead 33-13. But Alex Salter, Jose Van Oosten & Tim Curry turning up at half time, they helped keep the score line in check at a respectable 7-6. They would go on to lose to the Spartans and the offence wasn’t giving the defence any help, giving up two costly interceptions which handed the Spartans short field to work with. This would be the same story in the Cougars game too, as offensively they couldn’t capitalise on opportunities in their opponents’ half to try and close the game off. The Cougars managed to come out winners in a tight game, handing the Lions their third loss on the day. With a game day approaching on the 5th May, the Lions will hope their offence starts to fire on all cylinders to improve on their winless start.

Is 3G really better than grass during the summer?

Don’t get me wrong, 3G is great during the winter months when we have dreadful weather in the UK. It allows teams to continue to train on a decent surface until the season starts but I felt like I was on a battlefield with the amount of cuts & abrasions that players were sporting as a result of the 3G surface. I’m sure we will play on a varied split of surfaces this season but this one was a bloodbath in a number of ways.

SWC is feeling themselves in 2018

Since the rule change on flags, there is a number of teams who have opted for the swagged up personalised flags with their team designs on, but not only that, we saw three new kits that looked fresh out the packet. They say, “look good, play good” and that was certainly the case on Saturday. The only team not to follow this trend is the Cougars. Come on Coventry, isn’t it time you got some new swag?

3G pre toe drag – Credit:sportphoto wales

Toe Drag Swag is alive and kicking

Following on from my earlier point, I love 3G for the fact you can quite clearly see a cheeky little toe drag to aid with the decision on a touchdown. When the rubber crumb shoots into the air as the receiver secures possession, there is no more beautiful sight. I lost count of the amount of touchdowns scored which utilised some toe-tapping technique and I hope to see more of it as the season progresses!


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