BAFA Division One North Defensive Player of the Year Update

The Division One North has some defensive ballhawks who’ve been impressing us the past few weeks. Here’s the top 10 going into the final stages of the season!

1. Paul Teague, Nottingham Honey Badgers, 4.22 PPG

Paul has cemented his place at the top of our charts, with a ridiculous 13 interceptions three returned for scores. The Honey Badgers defence has been impressive all year, and Paul’s efforts have been a huge part of that.

2. Jake Shaw, Warrington Revolution, 3.11 PPG

Jake loves the endzone, as evidenced by his 5 defensive TDs already this year. He doesn’t have the quantity of Paul yet, and needs to up his game if he’s to catch him.

3. Grant Hill, Carnegie Flag, 3.0 PPG

As mentioned in our offensive breakdown, Grant won’t be around to add to his total. He’ll likely get caught by one of the large chasing pack, but five interceptions and two scores in six games is enough to have Grant at third in the north!

T-4. Andy Brown, Grangemouth Colts, 2.0 PPG

T-4. Ruairidh McGregor, Glasgow Killbees, 2.0 PPG

T-4. Brandon Lamb, Carnegie Flag, 2.0 PPG

T-4. Adam Gray, Warrington Revolution, 2.0 PPG

Here’s the rest of our top 10!

8. Jack Pearce, Nottingham Honey Badgers, 1.89PPG
T-9. Neil Smith, Chorley Buccaneers, 1.78 PPG
T-9. Rudi Halfmann, Rotherham Roosters, 1.78 PPG

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