BAFA Division One North Offensive – Player of the Year Update

In Division One North, the three division leaders have obvious threats in their arsenal, who top the heap as things stand. However there’s still plenty to play for! Here’s the top 10 so far!

Credit: Melissa Jevins

1. Jake Shaw, Warrington Revolution, 23 PPG

Jake has exploded this season, with 15 TDs to his name already. He’s struck up an obvious chemistry with Lewis Jaundrell, and he’s been unstoppable so far. He runs crisp routes, and has excellent hands. It’s no wonder he’s his QB’s favourite target.

Credit: Simon Cooper

2. Thomas Snee, Nottingham Honey Badgers, 19 PPG

Thomas is no stranger to the flag scene, as he’s been a member of the Honey Badgers for a number of years as one of their core members. His presence off the field is as important as the one on the field, as he’s the most impactful receiver for the Nottingham side.

Credit: Stuart Anderson

3. Grant Hill, Carnegie Flag, 13.5 PPG

They say your best ability is your availability, and Grant is an example of that. While there’s a lot of mouths to feed in Carnegie, Grant has had his fair share, scoring 8 TDs already. He’s one solitary point ahead of his teammate, and with Brandon Lamb and a number of imposing rookie arrivals, we don’t know if Grant will hold on to his place here.

Here’s the rest of the top 10!

4. Peter Allison, Carnegie Flag, 13.3 PPG

5. Morgan Jackson, Cheshire Cavaliers, 10.8 PPG

T-6. Thomas Wallis, Nottingham Honey Badgers, 9.8 PPG

T-6 Jack Woods, Wigan Bandits, 9.8 PPG

8. Robert Welti, Oldham Owls, 9.5 PPG

9. Dino Vernazza, Wigan Bandits, 9.3 PPG

10. Danny Meir, Warrington Revolution, 8.8 PPG


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