BAFA Division One North QB of the Year Update

With all the high scores in the Division One North, it’s no wonder we’re seeing some of the QBs outscoring their Premier Division counterparts.

Credit: Carnegie Flag Football

1. Neil Arnold, Carnegie Flag, 33.33 PPG

Neil is still top of our QBs by a comfortable margin. The veteran has found life in the HNC easy, shredding teams with routine. We don’t suspect he’ll be caught anytime soon!

Credit: Warrington Revolution

2. Lewis Jaundrell, Warrington Revolution, 19.33 PPG

Lewis’ impact is perhaps best represented by his side’s only loss this year when he wasn’t present. The Revolution have been irresistible with Jaundrell under centre, but his absence made them look slightly more ordinary. The smart signal-caller will have a few more game-days to try and make ground on Neil at the top, but we think he’ll have to settle for top QB in the MEC instead.

3. Luca Rossoni, Nottingham Honey Badgers, 18 PPG

The Revolution’s sole loss came at the hands of the Honey Badgers, who have leap frogged them in the standings. Luca’s emergence as one of the top QBs in Division One is a big part of that, with 40 TDs thrown already. He does have a large majority of his scores vultures by teammates, however as long as the Badgers are winning, we’re sure Luca won’t mind.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

4. Andy Brown, Grangemouth Colts, 15.33 PPG

Andy Brown had the Colts contesting for a promotion place, but they’ve dropped just behind the Silvercats in H2H for now. Andy has been incredible safe with the ball this year, throwing only one pick, and taking two sacks. He’s a threat in the running game, which opens up possibilities for his receivers.

Credit: Wigan Bandits

5. Dino Vernazza, Wigan Bandits, 14.22 PPG

Rounding out the top 5, Dino Vernazza and his Bandits are flirting with promotion in their first season. By no means a stranger to the BAFA leagues, Dino has used his experience to bring the Bandits close to the top of the heap with some impressive wins, including defeating the Honey Badgers.

Here’s the rest of our top 10!

6. Jamie Bennet, Aberdeen Silvercats, 13 PPG
7. Jared Armour, Midlothian Sabers, 10.75 PPG
8. Jason Dale, Paisley Spartans, 10.67 PPG
9. Dan Mayers, Sheffield Giants 2, 10.33 PPG
10. Caleb Cockrill, Nottingham Honey Badgers, 9.78 PPG


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