BAFA Division One Power Rankings – Week Three

There were a few match-ups in week 2 which told us more about the promotion credentials of a number of squads. Similarly, we saw some real separation in some divisions which has us looking to the playoffs already! Here’s our top 10!

The London Smoke continued to flex their muscle and looked outstanding in their encore performance. They’re champions elect as things stand, and we can’t see them being stopped as they romp towards the Premier Division. We’re already excited about the prospect of some matchups in the SEC!

We thought Warrington might have had a test in their second game-week, but we were sorely mistaken. They scored a whopping 81 points on the Chorley Buccaneers, who had impressed in week one. Next up, the Revolution have another team from the MEC East to worry about, but we’ll get to that…

As the teams below them cannibalise themselves, the Carnegie football empire continues to march on to the Premier Division. They were unlucky to miss out last season, and they can already start to think about potential championship matchups against the likes of the Smoke and Warrington Revolution. We fancy the teams above them just a little more, but with Neil Arnold at the helm, they’re capable of an upset.

Like the Revolution, the Honey Badgers passed their test with flying colours, handling the Calderdale Knights with ease. Their shut-out victory puts them in prime position to return to the top table, and shows their improved maturity from the end of year, where they lost to the Knights on the last day of the season. The Badgers will be able to see where they measure up against the upstart Revolution at the next game-day, and we can’t wait for that!

The Trojans are profiting from a weak South West division, but they look perfectly capable of going far in their hunt for the Division One championship. With athleticism and experience on their side, they’ve strolled through their schedule so far. With the way the schedule is set up, they’ll just need to repeat the feat to clinch a high seeding in the playoffs.

The good news for the Titans White is that they went 2-0 to remain undefeated this season. Sam Tibbles is making us look like geniuses as his side won 41-0 against their sister side, and defeated the previously unbeaten Leicester Huntsmen 33-13. The bad news for the Titans White is that this division is as straight forward as first thought. The Bedford Blackhawks are breathing down their necks, as are…

The Panthers and Blackhawks could provide the Titans White with some competition, as the Panthers have time to mull over their 10 point loss to the Titans White earlier in the year. They’re the team who’ve pushed the Northants side hardest so far, and we could see them trip the Titans up when the sides meet again. The Panthers hold a win over the Blackhawks, but also looked unimpressive against the Cougars Women. Those sides know each other well, but we could see the Panthers slip down our rankings if they suffer another loss.

The Calderdale Knights are in our estimation the Division One equivalent of the Coventry Cougars. Small squad, nifty playbook, elusive runners. They can kill you with their speed. All that abandoned them as they got shellacked by the Honey Badgers. Still, they know they can beat the Honey Badgers, so as long as the Knights can keep pace, they’ll have another chance to topple the Nottingham side on the last day of the season.

The Reading Knights are doing well in the South East division, and sit pretty at 3-1. They might miss out on playoff contention due to their points difference (thanks London Smoke!) but their 3 wins have all been fairly comprehensive. If someone is to challenge the Smoke, it’ll be them. If they can get some more heavy victories, they could sneak their way into a high seed for the post-season.

While the Spartans didn’t play, they’ll have been happy to watch the rest of the HNC strengthen Paisley’s position. To catch you up, the Colts beat the Killer Bees, but lost to the Sabres. The Silvercats also beat the Bees, but then lost to Carnegie. As long as Carnegie keep doing the Spartans favours, and the Paisley side hold serve, they could be playing for a Premier Division spot next season.

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