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BAFA Division One South – Defensive Player of the Year Update



With the high standard of QB play in the South compared to the North, there’s not a lot of crazy scores on our defensive rankings. Here’s our top 10 so far!

1. Richard Harris, Merthyr Tydfil Trojans, 6.5 PPG

Richard has been sensational on offence, but he’s arguably doing his best work on defence. With a ridiculous 11 interceptions already, we’re wondering why QBs are even bothering to challenge him.  He’s returned two of those picks for scores, and figures to keep adding so long as the opposition keep throwing his way.

2. Alex Towler, Northants Titans White, 4 PPG

The Northants Titans have a good history of producing strong defensive players, and Alex is the latest out of the farm. With 7 picks to his name, including one returned for a score, Alex will surely be eyeing a place in the Premier Division next season, either with the Titans White, or a call up for the Blue.

Credit: King Bowl

3. Henry Williams, London Smoke, 3.5 PPG

Henry has been the strongest defender on the London Smoke so far this year by some distance. He’s got 6 interceptions in 4 contests, and with his speed, he’s always a threat to take one to the house. We’re surprised to see he only has 1 return score so far. Don’t take that as a challenge though Henry, the Smoke are doing fine as it is!

Here’s the rest of the top 10…

4. Andy Hollands, Reading Knights, 3 PPG

5. David Radford, Northants Titans White, 2.8 PPG

T-6. Jared Nelson, Coventry Panthers, 2.5 PPG

T-6. Ben Wells, Leicester Huntsmen, 2.5 PPG

T-6. Owen Gittings, Reading Knights, 2.5 PPG

T-6. Philip James, Merthyr Tydfil Trojans, 2.5 PPG

T-6. Joseph Kewley-Joy, Exeter Falcons, 2.5 PPG

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