BAFA League One Gameday Two – Five Things We Learned

Wirral’s Wins

First off, lets give some love to the Wirral Vikings who picked up not one, but two victories in game-week two! These are the side’s first wins in the BAFA leagues. Suddenly, they’re vaulted into a potential playoff race.

Owls Scrape By

Meanwhile, at the tippy-top of the table, the Oldham Owls managed to maintain their undefeated record – with 4 points combined being the winning margins over the Vikings and Wigan Bandits. The latter victory is huge, and gives them a massive advantage over the chasing Bandits for that playoff and promotion spot. Their 33-2 thumping of the Buccaneers shows the class they have over the rest of the division – can they stay perfect in the cross-division games?

This is going to get messy

After the Bears emerged as the top side after game-week 1, it was up to the Newcastle Blackhawks to get revenge and move to 4-1 on the season – matching the Bears. The Bears themselves pulled off another stunning win over the Leeds Samurai, 28-27, resigning the Leeds side to a 4-1 record of their own. All that madness means we’ve got three teams sitting atop the division with the same record. Each of the three teams will be wanting to keep pace with the pack as the cross-division games roll around.

Halfway there?

The Leeds Ronin and Rotherham Roosters played off one of the more entertaining games of the weekend with a ridiculous 41-41 tie. That result does no favours for the Roosters who are some distance behind the playoff-race. The Roosters also fell 26-19 to the Sheffield Vipers Orange, who they defeated 53-6 last time out. That loss is one of the stranger results we’ve seen so far.

The Ronin had their first kinda-positive result of the year with that tie – can they get a win in the cross-division games?

Granite City Gang-fight

The HNC were also in action in Aberdeen as the Silvercats got back to winning ways. They’ve moved to 3-2 after two wins over the Grangemouth Colts and Midlothian Sabres.

The Renfewshire Raptors, who looked in prime-position for a playoff season in Glasgow, went 0-2 in the cruellest way imaginable. They lost in despairing fashion against the Sabres, 26-20. But it was their top-of-the-table clash against the Glasgow Killer Bees that will sting the most.

Leading 19-12 with time ticking away, the Raptors gave up a score with no time remaining. With that final untimed conversion attempt, the Killer Bees opted to go for 2 points. They succeeded, and took a 20-19 win, along with two other comfortable victories to move to 6-0. Meanwhile the Raptors have slipped behind the Silvercats and Sabres at 2-3.

Last year’s division runners up, the Grangemouth Colts, are tied with the Raptors at 2-3, after they ousted the Chargers to send them to 0-6.

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