BAFA League One South Gameday One – Five Things We Learned


Who Will Stay Perfect?

Coming out of Week 1, we currently have 6 perfect teams with 4 in the South West in the Falcons, Supers, Sharks & Reapers and only 2 in the South East with the Cougars and Gunslingers. We’ll have to wait until May to see if the Gunslingers can maintain their 100% start after a strong display against London Flash and a squeaky 1-point win over Ware Wolves after a missed 2 point conversion by the Wolves with 20 seconds remaining. All the other teams play again in 2 weeks – the Reapers and Sharks will go head to head.

Who Let the Cougars Out?

Cougars Ladies take a bow…..They started their season undefeated with an incredible game day putting up a fantastic 88 points and ousting the Coventry Panthers for their first win of the season after coming within a point of turning over the Leicester Huntsmen too. No one can argue of the Cougars Ladies’ pedigree in the women’s side of the game, but now they are becoming a force in the Mixed League. This could be the year that they put a challenge to the top teams in their division. They travel to Lincoln in two weeks and will be hoping for more of the same when they face off against the Cougars Men, Raccoons and Longhorns. Based on Saturday’s performances and results, we can see them taking a couple of wins here too.

Reapers vs Sharks

The closest race in the Southern Divisions is going to come down to the Reapers or the Sharks in South West Division B. Both teams put in dominant displays in Buckinghamshire. The Reapers only played two games but came out undefeated, only conceding one score per game while approaching 50 points on offence in both contests. The Sharks feasted on their opening game-day in League One. Their 70 point haul against the Wight Hell Hounds really raised eyebrows at FFW HQ – that’s the type of scores we saw two seasons ago before the league re-alignment.

They go head to head in two weeks – who will grab the initiative and top the table?

Super Defensive Performance

The Weston Supers head into Week 2 of the season with 2 wins under their belt, but more impressive is that they’ve conceded 0 points (the only team to do so in the opening game week of the season). That’s an incredible feat considering this is their first season. They’ll run into their first 3 game week in two weeks time so it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep up this level of defensive play.

Out of Steam?

We were looking forward to the league debut of the Leighton Steam after a promising run in friendly fixtures. They’d most recently dispatched of the GB Womens teams, and had some experience and talent in their ranks. On the first day of the season, they lacked that cutting edge to pull out victories on the field. They earned a forfeit win over the Lucky Rs, but they lost in agonising fashion against the Ware Wolves and  London Flash. They’re precariously poised at 1-2, and things could get worse when they play the Cougars at the next game-day!

Headline image courtesy of the Weston Supers

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