BAFA Premier Division North – QB of the Year Update

We’ve been tirelessly working at FFW to bring you the stats updates that you enjoyed so much last year. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve finally cracked it! While the stats won’t be live on the site (for now), we’ve compiled all that’s been submitted and what’s been signed off on the day and got our top 10s!

There’s a few changes this year. We’re giving 2 points per interception to defensive players, as opposed to just 1 point last season. Basically, pick sixes meant it took a monumental effort to catch-up, so awarding non-scoring picks with an additional point should narrow the gap. If you get a pick six, we’re gonna give you the base 6 points, without the additional 2 for the pick. So it’s basically 4 additional points for your run-back. Hopefully this levels things.

As requested, we’re going to move to a PPG format for the time being. We feel this is arguably the fairest way of doing things, as a number of teams have more/less games than other teams in their respective conference split. It’s going to be team games played though, as we don’t want to see someone arrive, tear it up, and never come back but win our award. If they got 50 points in one game, and only turned up for that game but their team played 10, they’d be at 5 PPG at the end of the season.

We’re also going to do our best to provide regular updates, but with c. 60 teams in the league, that’s a lot more stress on us. To help this, we’re putting the conference together geographically. This also stops the monopoly some teams have on their respective division. For example, the Sheffield Giants won every award in the MEC last year. While this was thoroughly deserved, they’d have faced stiffer competition if the HNC were in the fold as well. So we have updates for:

  • Premier Division North (HNC and MEC)
  • Premier Division South (SWC and SEC)
  • Division One North (HNC, MEC East and MEC West)
  • Division One South (South West, South East and Mid South)

Sound good?

While we’ve managed to collate this season’s stats, hosting them on our site might not be doable for a little while let. The stats you’ll see live on the site, for now, are last year’s. We want to archive these somewhere accessible. Till we figure that out, they’ll be visible.

We’re not going to accept quibbles over what was signed on the day and your own personal collation of stats either. If you’re not happy with the stat sheets submitted, you should have addressed that sooner. We had a few discrepancies last season but we’re always going to go with what was officially submitted by the game-day host. This goes for teams simply not putting in stats. Some players are missing out on an entire games worth of stats because the sheets aren’t getting filled in properly, if at all! Similarly, you see players given safeties, but no sacks or TFLs. Since we’re not able to clarify this (even though they’re the same point value), we need to go with what’s on the stat sheet that was signed.  Again, it’s the responsibility of the team rep/captain to make sure this is agreed and signed off on before its submitted to BAFA, so it’s your own damn fault, basically.

So without further adieu, here’s our first stat update of the new year!

Premier North QB of the Year


Credit: Andy Keith

T-1. Alan Young, Glagsow Hornets, 23.3 PPG

Alan Young has had a remarkable start to the year, putting up just under 70 points against the Oilcats and Broncos, both of whom boast some of the more fearsome defences in the nation. Alan barely featured on last year’s countdowns, or was never near the top due to his disrupted season. Alan is recovering from an arm injury which hindered his performance late last year, and looks to be getting back to his brilliant best.

Credit: Andy Keith

T-1. Scott McDonald, Aberdeen Oilcats, 23.3 PPG

Scott’s performance at the start of this year is nothing short of excellent. With his relatively short time in the league, he’s looked like a seasoned veteran, transferring his experience from the kitted game to the flag field. With a bevvy of talented receivers, it’s no wonder he’s settled in so well. Despite splitting early snaps with Scott Stopani, he’s in the hunt for the PNQBOTY.

Credit: James Brewerton

3. Alan Mead, Manchester Titans, 20.8 PPG

We’ve often praised Alan on this site for his experience and arm talent. His Manchester Titans have been undefeated so far, and they can attribute a lot of that to the play of Mead. He could be top, but he missed a game as he was jetting home from an Italian adventure! Alan’s avoidance of negative plays are the main reason he’s currently just behind his HNC counterparts.

Credit: James Brewerton

4. Dean Whittingslow, Sheffield Giants, 19 PPG

Dean comes in just behind his conference rival, but can be pleased with his output so far. After a somewhat disastrous week one, he rebounded in a big way as his Giants destroyed their opposition. 7 interceptions in 5 games is troubling so far though, but we figure Dean will begin to hit his stride approaching playoff time.

Credit: James Brewerton

5. Talha Javed, Manchester Crows, 17 PPG

Talha’s return to the Crows lineup after injury last season has seen an upswing in their fortunes, and it’s no wonder. The talented signal-caller can sling it with the best of them, throwing for 21 TDs already this season. It’s his propensity to throw interceptions and take sacks that’s led to him only being 5th despite some stellar play.

Rounding out the top 10

6. Fraser Thomson, Grangemouth Broncos, 10.5 PPG

7. Chris Taylor, Newcastle Blackhawks, 9.8 PPG

8. Keith Woodley, Sheffield Vipers, 8.4 PPG

9. Kyle Taylor, Leeds Samurai, 6.6 PPG

10. Scott McKenzie, Grangemouth Broncos, 6 PPG

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