BAFA Premier Division South – Defensive Player of the Year Update

Despite all the high scoring that’s been going on in the SWC and SEC, there’s been some defenders balling out as well. Here’s our top 10!

Credit: Tracy Lintern Photography

1. Dan Benning, Aylesbury Vale Spartans, 3.2 PPG

He’s often relied on to be the main focal point of his team’s offence, but Dan has been sensational on defence also, showing how much of a swiss-army knife he is. With 3 picks, 2 returned for scores, he’d be just shy of the lead, but Dan has also done damage as a blitzer, with 2 sacks to his name. Dan’s form so far shows he’s a threat to score wherever he lines up – even on defence!

2. Ben Roberts, Northants Titans Blue, 3 PPG

The Titans Blue have had somewhat of an exodus in the offseason, losing their starting QB and blitzer, the latter was the co-winner of the SWC Defensive Player of the Year award. Ben has stepped up defensively, grabbing 3 picks and returning 2 for scores. He’s also added a TFL to his tally, bringing his total to 19 points.

Credit: Tracy Lintern Photography

3. Joe Cotterill, Cardiff Hurricanes, 2.8 PPG

Guys, stop throwing at Joe. His 7 interceptions is the most accrued by one player so far in the nation, but he’s yet to break one for a score. Joe has been making headlines as QB for his side, but his efforts on defence have him sitting deservedly at #3 on our countdown.

4. Kenny Bello, London Rebels, 2.4 PPG

Mr. UK Dukes didn’t feature on our offensive player countdown, which might have surprise some people. This is namely because he’s been punishing opposition QBs with 5 picks so far, while he’s also added a safety to his tally (but didn’t get the sack/TFL in the stats. Great work there). Kenny has plenty of experience playing defence for the Rebels, and has been the bright-spot for the stop-unit so far this season

5. Andrew Krag, Cardiff Hurricanes, 2 PPG

Keeping pace with the pack, Andrew comes in with 13 points. With two picks and a score, including a safety (again, of indeterminate origin) of his own (what’s going on with the safeties in the South?), Andrew has nearly punched his defensive-stat bingo card.

Here’s who rounds out the top 10!

T-6. Conor Melay, Northants Titans Blue, 1.6 PPG

T-6. Chad Stephens, Cardiff Hurricanes, 1.6 PPG

8. Sean Martin, Aylesbury Vale Spartans, 1.4 PPG

9. Ray Taylor, Baker Street Buttonhookers, 1.3 PPG

T-10. Pete Coppenhall, Philip Gaydon, Victoria Park Panthers, 1.2 PPG

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