BAFA Premier Division South – Defensive Player of the Year Update

The cross-conference games saw some high scores, but there were defensive players finding the endzone! Here’s the top 10 defensive players in the Premier South as things stand!


Credit: Tracy Lintern

1. Joe Cotterill, Cardiff Hurricanes, 2.8 PPG

While the rest of the defensive players in the Premier Division South were struggling to keep up with the free scoring offences, Joe kept things steady, with the same PPG output as he had in our last update. The only difference is, he’s now top of the heap. He’s also gotten into the endzone on defence – something he hadn’t managed after week two. He’s snagged three more picks, returning two of them to the house.

2. Dan Benning, Aylesbury Vale Spartans, 2.20 PPG

Dan’s output is down by a whole point, but he’s no less effective. He added one more pick, returning it for a TD. It seems that opposition QBs have gotten the memo, and decided not to challenge the Spartan, as his defensive colleagues have been picking up points too.

3. Ben Roberts Northant titans Blue, 2.10 PPG

Ben has also kept steady through the cross-conference games. Taking on arguably a higher standard of QB, Ben has added another interception and TD to his tally. He’ll need to put in some work if he’s got any chance of catching Joe.

4. George Roberts Victoria Park Panthers, 2.0 PPG

George has come out of the blue to jump right into the top 5! Seven interceptions, with one returned for a score, gives George a nice total for anyone, but with another four sacks credited to him, he’s showing his versatility in a big way!

5. Kehinde Bello London Rebels, 1.82 PPG

Kenny has been sensational on defense so far this year, with nine interceptions to his name; that’s good for second in the league. He needs to start returning some of these picks into scores though if he’s got any chance of winning this category. He’s no stranger to the endzone, as evidenced by his offensive output (18 TDs, 21 XPs).

Here’s the rest of our top 10!

6. Corey Bedford Chichester Sharks, 1.36 PPG
7. Wyatt Getty, Baker Street Buttonhookers, 1.33 PPG
T8. Chris Green, Aylesbury Vale Spartans, 1.20 PPG
T8. #13 TBA, Cardiff Hurricanes, 1.20 PPG
T8. Connor Melay, Northant titans Blue, 1.20 PPG

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