BAFA Premier Division South – Offensive Player of the Year Update

Now that we’ve discussed the QBs, it’s time to highlight some of the pass-catchers and elusive runners finding their way into the endzone.

Credit: Benedikt Wolf

1. Jeremy Meslien, London Rebels, 22.2 PPG

Jeremy has been tremendous for the Rebels so far this season, snagging 17 TDs to take a commanding lead at the top of the charts. His 111 Points is good for the top of the BAFA leagues by a considerable difference. He runs excellent routes, and has the quickness to break away from almost all defenders. Couple this with a safe pair of hands, and you’ve got yourself a terrifying proposition to deal with. With Calvin slinging it, Jeremy has every opportunity to hold on to the top spot. He could add plenty more to his score when the Rebels take on the SWC, as the speed demon has been nearly unstoppable so far.

Credit: James Brewerton

2. Michael Bradley-Banszki, Baker Street Buttonhookers, 15.7 PPG

MBB from the BSB has been lighting up opposition defences in his debut BAFA season. With 15 TDs, he’s 2nd in the nation, and will no doubt add to this as the season progresses. MBB recently got the call-up from the UK Dukes to take part in their mercenary outfit to take on some US team, and based on his current form, it’s not hard to see why. We speculated whether or not MBB’s addition to the championship winning Buttonhookers side from last year would upset the balance, but it’s just made them more frightening. MBB’s points tally has the slight caveat that the Buttonhookers have played 6 games, while the rest of the division have played 5, but his c. 16 points per game average has him sitting comfortably at #2 as things stand.

3. Dan Benning, Aylesbury Vale Spartans, 14.4 PPG

Sitting a good distance away from Jeremy and MBB is last year’s SEC Offensive Player of the Year, Dan Benning. Dan has acclimatised to life in the SWC well, showing the defenders there just why he was so feared last season. With excellent body control, routes and tremendous hands, Dan has the ability to make every catch his QB asks of him. His output is somewhat stunted by the QB situation at the Spartans, as Jeff Bond finds himself back under centre this year. With teams being able to key in on Dan, we should have seen a significant drop off in his production, but it seems he can’t be stopped. He’s doing well on defence too…

Credit: Tracy Lintern Photography

4. Nick Keyse, Cardiff Hurricanes, 14 PPG

Nick has emerged as the top receiver for the explosive Hurricanes offence as they’ve laid waste to the rest of their division. His 10 TDs is tied second for the most in the SWC, but his proficiency at the goal-line, with a ridiculous 10 XP catches, that gives him the lead over the next player on our list.

5. Stuart Tarry, Northants Phantoms, 12.4 PPG

Stuart makes our top 5 (barely) with 10 TDs and 2 XPs so far this year. He’s been a consistent threat for the Phantoms for a number of years now, and has excellent chemistry with QB Jeremy Smith. His side find themselves fighting for a championship berth, and with the SEC coming to town, Stuart is going to need to be at his best to keep the Phantoms in contention. His name here shouldn’t be a surprise though, as he finished 4th in the SWC Offensive Player of the Season scoring last year.

Here’s who rounds out the top 10:

6. Charles Doulgas, Victoria Park Panthers, 12.2 PPG

7. Jordan Melay, Northants Titans Blue, 10.8 PPG

T-8. Corey Bedford, Chichester Sharks,10.8 PPG

T-8. Ollie Tibbles, Northants Ttians Blue, 10.8 PPG

10. Kenny Bello, London Rebels, 9.8 PPG

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