BAFA Premier Division South – QB of the Year Update


The cross conference fixtures saw the SEC put a world of hurt on the SWC sides. Here’s how the top QBs performed during the last two weeks!

Credit: James Brewerton

1. Vince Machi, Baker Street Buttonhookers, 30.42 PPG

Vince has been in stellar form against the SWC, capturing top-spot from Joe Cotterill in swift fashion. More importantly to Vince, his Buttonhookers came through the clash against the Hurricanes unscathed. But if the Hookers want to solidify their seeding, they’ll need to defeat the Rebels, and for that to happen, Vince needs to be on form. Vince will be flirting with that elusive 100 TD mark, as he currently sits on 82.

2. Joe Cotterill, Cardiff Hurricanes, 29.8 PPG

Joe might have taken a slide in the rankings, but his output is actually better than in our last update. He threw another 37 scores in the cross conferences match-ups, which is ridiculous considering the opposition. When the Hurricanes take on the rest of the SWC slate, we imagine Joe will reclaim his top spot, as Vince’s opponents are significantly harder.

3. Calvin Tarlton, London Rebels, 26.64 PPG

Similarly, Calvin has improved his output per game in his cross-conference games. That’s to be expected, given the level of competition he’d be facing. However, he might not have done quite enough to catch Joe or Vince. Still, Calvin has been in tremendous form this year again, with 67 TD passes already.

4. Peter Coppenhall, Victoria Park Panthers, 25 PPG

Pistol Pete has one less TD pass than Calvin, but his 12 interceptions thrown rank among the higher in the conference. The Panthers have done an impressive job in this new format of league, but with Calvin and Vince both playing out of their minds, the Panthers are likely going to have to settle for a spot in the plate competition.

5. Jeff Bond, Aylesbury Vale Spartans, 20.6 PPG

Snagging the last spot in the top 5 is FFW favourite Jeff Bond! We’ve been guilty in the past of making snide remarks about Jeff’s deployment at QB, given his blistering pace and game-breaking ability. To us, it just doesn’t make sense to have arguably one of your top play-makers stuck behind centre where he can’t do damage. Well, colour us stupid, as Jeff has been exceptionally efficient at QB. 49 TD passes is someway off the top of the pile, but his avoidance of negative plays has been the Spartans in a strong position to snatch a Britbowl spot away from the Northants Titans Blue.

Here’s the rest of our top 10!

6. Mathew Tibbles Northant titans Blue, 16.40 PPG
7. Nicholas Shippers Reading Lions, 15.64 PPG
8. Neil Henderson Chichester Sharks, 11.27 PPG
9. Jeremy Smith Northant Phantoms, 9.00 PPG
10. Rohan Sandhu, Birmingham Lions, 6.60 PPG

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