BAFA South League One MVP 2019

Our fourth and final MVP comes to us from the Coventry Cougars! In a hotly contested voting process, the winner was…

Kieran Eaton, WR, DB – Coventry Cougars

You only need to play against Kieran once to see how devastating he can be. He never looks overawed by the occasion, and quietly goes about his business of scoring TDs for fun. He racked up a ridiculous 45 trips to the endzone this season, along with nine interceptions. That’s averages out at over three touchdowns per game as Kieran scored over half of the Cougars’ points for the year on offence alone. He previously had a Super Fives MVP award, and the Cougars earned promotion back to the Premier Division off the back of his performances. Ryan Steel, now coach of the Cougars, started the season as one of Kieran’s teammates. Here’s what he had to say about his banner year:

“Kieran is a remarkable football player and an even better teammate. He carried the responsibility this season of being one of our captains, playing almost every snap on offence and defence, and putting up incredible stats while doing it. Now I’ve transitioned into coaching, it’s given me extra appreciation of him as a top tier player we can build and scheme around. He’s already very accomplished and experienced at just 20 years old. I personally can’t wait to see how he continues his development.”

Congratulations Kieran on a long overdue award!

The honourable mentions for the League One South were:

Nathan Coles – South Midlands Outlaw Gunslingers

Adam Grindrod – South Midlands Outlaw Gunslingers

Jay Ballamy – Reading Knights

Alex Brown – Southern Reapers/Chichester Sharks

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