BAFA South Premier Division 2019 MVP

Over the past weeks we’ve been in contact with you all for your nominations for MVPs this season. Starting with the Prem South, there could really only be one winner.

Joe Cotterill, QB, Safety – Cardiff Hurricanes

There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the Cardiff offence years ago when Joe was lining up at WR. He’s got veteran routes for such a young player, and speed to burn. However at QB, he is able to use his extensive knowledge and understanding of football to real use…

He was our Prem South MVP last season, and the SWC MVP the season before that. Both times it was a somewhat close race. However this year Joe ran away with the votes.

Joe’s kingmaking performance came in the Premier Division final vs the London Smoke. After battling past the fancied Glasgow Hornets and Grangemouth Broncos, the Hurricanes took on a team riding high off a win over the reigning champs, the London Smoke. The game was a blow-for-blow affair, but it was Joe’s game-breaking interception in the second half that had the Hurricanes in position to snatch their 2nd Britbowl title. His control of the game on offence was ridiculous, as the Hurricanes didn’t let up their two score lead. They weren’t stopped in the game, and were worthy winners.

Joe then went onto to Israel as a member of the GB Lions squad, suiting up at safety. The defensive unit put in several impressive performances, including a trademark win over eventual finalists Italy. We spoke to Joe’s top target at the Hurricanes, Kostas Karras, about his effect on the team:

Joe has been an incredible inspiration for me when it comes to learning to love the game of football. His technical knowledge and passion for the game has transferred to every single player in the Cardiff Hurricanes squad. He is an incredible player with a very bright future ahead of him. I must admit, I would not be the player I am today without Joe as my QB. He makes the game too easy sometimes…

Congratulations Joe! This Threepeat is unprecedented!

Honourable mentions from the nominations received were –

Charlie Williams, QB – London Smoke

Vince Machi, QB – Baker Street Buttonhookers

Headline image of Joe courtesy of Jimmy Thomson.

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