BAFA SWC Gameday Two – Five Things We Learned

Cardiff Close Division Round Perfect

Cardiff carried out their impressive form from Week 1 with a 3-0 day in Northampton, putting up a monstrous 145 points taking their total to 268 points on the season (53.6 PPG). They did show chinks in the armour against the Spartans, who put up 32 points against the usually stingy defence. However their offence almost doubled that haul with 61 points of their own. They head into Week 3’s cross conference games in Reading with one of the safest division leads in the country, and will finally be tested properly when they take on the London Rebels.

Titans Sew Up Second

Northants Titans took advantage of the rest of the division’s unwillingness to challenge and sit two games ahead of the chasing pack despite missing pivotal QB Matt Tibbles. After a loss to Cardiff, they finished the day taking the H2H over the Spartans with a 25-14 victory. That was followed by a crazy game against the Bedford Blackhawks. The Blackhawks were leading 20-14 late on when the Titans Blue scored with 2 minutes left. On the ensuing XP play, the Blackhawks pick it off and return for a Pick 2 to lead 22-20. With the ball and the lead, the Blackhawks couldn’t run down the clock. The Titans scored again, and added their own 2XP conversion to take the lead and final result 28-22. The Titans sit at 4-2 heading into the cross conference games. This is where their season came off the rails last year, can they avoid this happening again?

Blackhawks Rue Missed Chances

The Blackhawks will be gutted that chances were missed to potentially move above the Titans on H2H after a close victory against the Phantoms 40-38. The Titans result will sting though, as the Buttonhookers and London Smoke will likely add to the pain this coming weekend.

Will the real Phantoms or Spartans please stand up?

We’re not quite sure what is happening with the Spartans, or Phantoms this season. We expected them to produce some results, yet we’re 2 weeks in and have both teams struggling to close out winnable games. The Spartans will go into next game day facing off against the mammoth task of trying to tame the Hookers and Smoke, while the Phantoms will head to Reading to face off against the Lions, VPP & Rebels. Hopefully they can get out of their funk during Week 3. If not, we can’t see where their next results will come from. Both teams could find themselves on relegation watch soon…

Cross Conference Previews

The cross-conference games are historically where we separate the contenders from the pretenders – we say historically with really only one proper season of this league format to back us up.

The Cardiff Hurricanes will surely want to show they can hang with the big guns in the south – their game against the London Rebels will tell us plenty about both teams and their credentials. The Northants Titans similarly will want to confirm that last year was an aberration. While we don’t think they’ll measure up to the London Rebels, they could get some joy over the Panthers, and we’d expect them, on paper, to take down the Reading Lions.

The Phantoms and Spartans need to do anything to get their season back on track. The Phantoms could nick a game ahead of the Spartans after the weekend, but the Spartans have some familiarity against the SEC sides, having previously been in that division. As did the Bedford Blackhawks, who might find themselves looking at a relegation battle after this weekend. They’ve done magnificently well to sit mid-table so far – can they solidify their position?

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