Bear Bowl V Review

Today we get catch up with Aljosa Kous from the Wild Hogs, who recently hosted Bear Bowl!

“Bear Bowl V is in the books. We try to do it small simple, boutique tournament, which could offer a lot. There was an 80% realisation we could do for the teams who came. Kaiserslautern Eagles were 1st, Novo Mesto Knights were 2nd, Hague Hyenas were 3rd, San Juan Dolphins were 4th, Kranjski Jazbeci finished 5th, Split Sea Wolves were 6th, 7th place went to Novi Beograd Orlovi, 8th were the hosts the Wild Hogs, last but not least was Carnegie Flag Football but they won the Fair play award!

MVP offence was RJ Williamson from Kaiserslautern Eagles, MVP defence went to Urban Kolenc from Novo Mesto Knights.

There was food for the participants, there were drinks, bananas and protein bars, the weather held, good games, good vibe, but as an organisation, we need to improve the referring because it was the main problem.

Next year there will be only 12 teams, through the whole weekend. And we will try to get the even better, more competitive tournament. The date will be 29/08, 30/08. It’s the last weekend in August. We will try to catch some sun.

The system will be a little bit different, and we will try it to do two groups of 6 teams, which goes by placement to double eliminations rounds. After two loses for placement games, you are out, after one loss you go to loser bracket, where you can come to finals if you win all matches in the loser bracket.

Time of the play will be the same 2×15 minutes running clock, with a 2-minute warning in the second half. One time-out per team/per half. Home team starts with the offence in the first half.

If refs cancel the game, scores on that moment placed to the scoreboard as declined game and no team gets any points.

The registration window will be open on 02/01/2020 and will close on 01/03/2019 or until teams who are going to pay the participation of 150 EUR via PayPal will be committed and will have the spot. After the 01/03/2019-01/05/2019 the participation will be 200 EUR. From 01/05/2019 till 01/07/2019 it will be 250 EUR. Every team can bring only 12 active players. Those teams who were already at the Bear Bowl V has the advantage as priority commitment 50% of down payment till 01/030/2019 and the rest in two months.

Participation for the Bear Bowl VI has consisted of 2x lunch, 2x dinner both days for every player, physiotherapist, fruits, water, drinks, t-shirt.

The accommodation is 20 euro per person/per night with breakfast included. Downing payment for the accommodation is one month before the event.

A bird told us that the one of the best teams in Europe Waldorf Wanderers might come to Bear Bowl VI!

Special thanks to US Embassy in Slovenia, Municipality of Kočevje, Ministry of Economic development and technology, MATT craft beer, Zavod Kočevsko, Melamin, Inter-adax, Koželj d.o.o.,, Blue one note, Gostišče Tri Zvezde, Penzion Tušek, Ranch Marina, Prevozi Ilc Vili, A1 Kočevje, Mestna Kavarna, Zadruga Kočevsko, Aleš Škaper for making Bear Bowl V happen.”

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