Big Bowl Preview – Group E & F

Group E

Kirkcaldy Bulls (Scotland)

Barbarians (UK)

Uni Wurzburg (Germany)

Maichingen Mustangs (Germany)

Zyuzino Zombies (Russia)

Uni Fighters (Germany)

UK fans will certainly get excited about this group as we have a battle of the country’s most decorated club side in history vs a collection of some of the best talent the country currently has to offer. The legendary Bulls may not be as spry as they once were but they know all the tricks and how to win, evidenced by their 13th place finish last year. Adding Julian Holburn-White will give them another talented GB Lion to pair with Bud McFerren which should make Hall of Fame QB Neil Arnold quite happy. While the younger Barbarians will hold an overall edge in speed and talent, the Bulls’ chemistry, developed over the last 15 years, will be difficult to overcome. The Bulls will be happy that this match up takes place quite early in the tournament before the Barbarians have a chance to really gel.

Kirkcaldy Bulls (UK)


Uni Wurzburg has put together consecutive top 18 finishes and boasts a young squad that plays hard. The Zombies are bit of an unknown but given the success of their Russian comrades, the Tough Nuts, I would be wary of the threat they present. Even so, this looks like a fairly straightforward group for the UK powers and along with group A, is probably the weakest on paper. Should playoff draws follow last year’s format, group A would be drawn against group E. As such, it sets the winner of this group up for a potentially deep run in the tournament.

Predicted Finish:



Uni Wurzburg



Uni Fighters


Britbowl Champions – London Rebels


Group F

Mass Flag All-Stars (USA)

London Rebels (UK)

Phantoms Allstars (Germany)

Mainz Legionaries (Germany)

Pinkbulls (Netherlands)

Flag Pack (Austria)

The gulf between the top two teams and the other teams is probably widest in group F. While some might argue that makes a group weak, the quality of the top two teams makes this group anything but. UK national powerhouse and current BAFA title holders London Rebels have a wealth of experience and have finished top 10 at Big Bowl both times they entered. While they look to have a fairly straightforward path to the top knockout stage, for the second year in a row they have been drawn against the defending Big Bowl Champions.

2016 Big Bowl Champions Mass Flag All-Stars

While there are apparently two teams of All-stars in this group, it’s Mass Flag that everyone should watch out for. Despite a tough draw last year, they coasted to the title save for tight 14-12 semifinal encounter with the Armadillos. What’s most impressive about this team is that outside of quarterback Corey Boulay, who is absolutely impossible to tackle, you can’t get a read on who their starters on either side of the ball are. In essence, it really doesn’t matter. They constantly rotate players and with the depth of athletes they have, every combination they trot out is lethal.

Predicted Finish

Mass Flag



Flag Pack




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