Big Bowl Returns on the 27th May 2017

Europes biggest Flag tournament will return again at the Home of Walldorf Wanderers on Saturday 27th and sunday 28th of May.  The Tournament set over 2 days will involve teams from all over Europe and as far as America.  Last years champions were the Mass Flag Allstars who defeated the Copenhagen Fusion in the final.

This years event will be even bigger in size with 48 teams in the mixed category and 15 in the ladies.  The Mass Flag Allstars are entered again to defend their crown. Over the next coming weeks FFW will profile some of the big teams appearing at the event.

Below is the list of participating teams –

Ladies Category:
1. Walldorf Wanderers Ladies (Germany)
2. Copenhagen Tomahawks (Denmark)
3. Team Mexico (Mexico)
4. T2D2 (Germany)
5. Foxes 82 (Spain)
6. NSFFL Patriots (USA)
7. Amazing Austrian Amazones (Austria)
8. Warwick Wolverines (England)
9. Sirens (England)
10. WildCats TIrol (Austria)
11. Coventry Cougars (England)
12. Sheffield Hallam Warriors (England)
13. East Kilbride Pirates (Scotland)
14. Den Haag Hyenas (Netherlands)
15. Nottingham Flag Team (England)

Mixed Category:
1. Walldorf Wanderers (Germany)
2. Kelkheim Lizzards (Germany)
3. Augsburg Rooks (Germany)
4. Sentiflags (Germany)
5. Hereford Stampede (England)
6. Utrecht Dominators (Netherlands)
7. Massflag all-stars (USA)
8. TU Ilmenau Ilmroosters (Germany)
9. Atlantic Devils (Spain)
10. Pinkbulls (Netherlands)
11. Baker Street Buttonhookers (England)
12. Dutch Lions (Netherlands)
13. NuOla Waves (England)
14. Kaizen Flag (Spain)
15. Munich Spatzen (Germany)
16. Universität Trier (Germany)
17. Np flag football (USA)
18. Moscow Tough Nuts (Russia)
19. Victoria Park Panthers (England)
20. Esslingen Raccoons (Germany)
21. Uni Würzburg (Germany)
22. ASV Badener Greifs (Germany)
23. Taureaux (France)
24. Stormer (England)
25. Purple Flags (Germany)
26. Phantoms ALLSTARS (Germany)
28. Capricornes (France)
29. Maichingen Mustangs (Germany)
30. Kirkcaldy Bulls (Scotland)
31. Flag Pack (Austria)
32. Lalo Greyhounds (Germany)
33. Barbarians (England)
34. Milicia Astur (Spain)
35. Zyuzino Zombies (Russia)
36. Novo mesto Knights (Slovenia)
37. KillerBees (Slovenia)
38. Chieftains (England)
39. Coventry (England)
40. Copenhagen Scumbags (Denmark)
41. Berlin United 5 (Germany)
42. Mainz Legionaries (Germany)
43. London Ex-Pads (England)
44. Uni Fighters (Germany)
45. London Rebels (England)
46. Allerød Armadillos (Denmark)
47. Team Mexico Men (Mexico)
48. Copenhagen Tomahawks (Denmark)

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