Big Bowl XIII – Group G Preview

It’s the battle of England vs Germany in Group G – we’ve got three teams form each nation! Here’s what we expect from this symmetrical syndicate!

The Teams

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Hailing from the home nation, we have the Mainz Legionaries, ZHS Munchen and the Black Forest Hedgehogs. The Hedgehogs are a rookie team on the circuit, and will be hoping to make an impression at their first Big Bowl. ZHS Munchen last played at Big Bowl in 2016, finishing 30th overall – above the Walldorf Wanderers and Mainz Legionaries that year! Plenty has changed since, and now the Legionaries are more of a force to be reckoned with. Trademarked with speed and effective option play, the Legionaries offence lends itself well to this tournament format – they have long, time consuming drives which often lead to exhausting scores. They’ll fancy a top two finish in this group.

From England, the London Rebels, Chichester Sharks and Coventry Cougars take their place in Group G. The Cougars have a good reputation at Big Bowl. While they finished 20th last season, they have a history of winning in upsets. Their quick and disciplined style can catch teams cold if they’re not prepared. The Chichester Sharks were relegated from the SEC Premier division last year, so they’ll be acquainted with the London Rebels. Led by talisman QB Neil Henderson, the Sharks have enough experience to upset any team on their day. Rounding out the group, and our favourites to advance, are the London Rebels. Speaking of veteran QBs, Calvin Tarlton proves time and time again why he should be considered one of the best at his craft. We’re not even concerned about the strength of squad the Rebels will bring; as long as Calvin is calling the shots, they’ll have a run at a top bracket finish.


As you can expect, we’re going to go with the Rebels winning the group. After them, we’ll take Mainz to advance in second place. They have priors for beating British teams, as they bested the Buttonhookers and London Smoke at Big Bowl last season.

The Coventry Cougars will undoubtedly push them close to the edge though – the Cougars vs Legionaries could be one of the sneaky highlight games of the weekend. The Chichester Sharks might just have a little bit too much for ZHS Munchen, and will come in 4th, while the Hedgehogs are going to finish bottom of the group.

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