Big Bowl XIII Preview – Group C

Group C has a pretty similar look and feel as Group B, with a heavy favourite joined by several teams who will fancy themselves for second place. Here’s our Group C preview!

Group C – The Teams

In Group C you’ll find the reigning Big Bowl champions. The Copenhagen Barbarians, now Copenhagen Towers, overcame the Carluke Cobras in the final of last year’s shindig. They’ve got a generous draw this year.

The team closest to home are the Esslingen Raccoons, who’s off-field shenanigans would rank higher than the 32nd overall they finished last year. They routinely run teams in their own league close, so they should be frisky in a competitive group.

The Purmerend Barbarians are favourites here at FFW HQ. They didn’t take part in last year’s Big Bowl, but that was about the only tournament we didn’t see them at. They’ve got several Pink Bowls and Flagging New Year tournament berths under their belt, and remarkably came close to overthrowing the Hague Hyenas as the kings of the Netherlands.

The Ljubljana Killer Bees dove from 20th place in 2017 to 29th last year. Their option QB offence could catch some teams in this group cold if they’re not prepared. Gašper Bajt highlights this powerful offence, while Gregor Hertl led the SFFL in interceptions last season. 

The Norrebronx side are a complete unknowns to us, but they’re from Denmark, so they’ll probably be absolutely amazing. Kaizen Flag have prior BB adventures with a 40th place finish last year.


Copenhagen Towers are winning this division with minimal fuss in our books. Second place is going to be between the Barbarians and Killer Bees, and as much as we love the Kolhoff brothers, we think the Slovenians advance as 2nd in the group ahead of the Purmerend side.

We’re going to predict some joy for the Raccoons, who we’ll slot in at 4th in this group, meaning they should top their finish from last year. It’s rude to put the Kaizen Flag at the bottom of the heap, but given the country of origin of the Norrebronx, we can see them taking a respectable spot. We’re pretty fearful that this team could well challenge to advance and make a fool of us, but for now we’ll put them behind the more seasoned teams.

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