Big Bowl XIII – Women’s Group C Preview

Our final preview of the tournament sees probably one of the most exciting groups going in either the Mixed or Women’s bracket. This is your group of death for the Women’s bracket!

The Teams

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Starting with your teams from last year, we’ve got the Copenhagen Tomahawks coming for another crack at the title. Their 3rd place finish last year was an excellent achievement for the Big Bowl veterans, but their prospects of moving up the ranks have been really hurt by an awful draw.

The Hyde Park Renegades, masquerading as the Sirens last year had a disappointing outing, finishing 13th overall. They’ve got more bodies this year to throw at the opposition, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a far more competitive effort from one of the UK’s brightest teams.

Conversely, the East Kilbride Pirates will be lacking the numbers to do real damage this year. Still, they have some real talent in their ranks, and could catch some other teams in this group cold given the opportunity, but it could be more of a matter of waiting until Sunday before being able to really push for some results.

Okay, with that out the way, we’ll move on to the the Mexico Ladies. Mexico took a sabbatical from Big Bowl last year, and instead took two podium places at Pink Bowl. They’ve got a storied rivalry against the Austrians, and will probably already be eyeing that as a potential final…

…Unless the WFFN USA side has anything to say about it. If you’re not playing, you’re gonna have to get yourself down to field 2 at 19:30.  The WFFN side promises to boast some insane talent from across the pond, and their abilities will surely be tested against the Mexicans, who are a cohesive team.

Update – The Copenhagen Tomahawks have been replaced by the Mute Swans. We understand some of the original Tomahawks team will be in this outfit, but besides having a strange name, we don’t have any comment on this assembly of players.

UPDATE 2 – Turns out the Mute Swan is the national bird of Denmark. We’ve learned something today.


If the Mexicans had WFFN early doors, we’d take team Mexico, but with the schedule having both teams facing each other in the final game, we’re going to go with the WFFN. By that point, they should be starting to click and will top the group, just ahead of team Mexico.

In third we’re going with the Hyde Park Renegades. If this was any other group, the Renegades might be a comfortable 2nd place team, but they’ll have to settle for third at best.

In 4th and 5th we’ll go for the Pirates and Mute Swans respectively. The Pirates play together routinely, while the Mute Swans will probably take a little time to gel. Could the Swans get themselves copacetic in time for that 6:30 showdown?

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