Danish League Preview

With the Danish National Flagfootball Leagues first game day this weekend (May 5th 2018) we take a look at some of the colossal matchups and hedge our bets. Here is each game followed by our Power rankings.

Herlev Rebels V Allerød Armadillos (Game of the Week)

The Danish champions against the winner of Sportmonda Bowl IV!  Allerød Armadillos had one of their biggest losses ever, when they saw themselves defeated in the Danish Championship semi-finals in 2017 against Saturdays opponent The Herlev Rebels. Ever since, Armadillos have had only had one thing in mind, REVENGE. The team from the country side village of Allerød has started 2018 with a 100% record including a defeat of German Champions Wanderer 32-7 in the Sportmonda Bowl Final.

Credit: Jonas Hedegaard

The Rebels on the other hand have been quiet since upsetting the Flag world by beating both Armadillos and SGD on their way to the Danish Championship in 2017. They were missing some key players in Sportmonda Bowl and that reflected in their poor performance which left them outside the Final Four.  Based on form alone the Armadillos are clear favorites, but Rebels have an uncanny ability to create close match ups against anyone. We have the Armadillos taking the Rebels 42-26.

 Key Players: Armadillos: QB Frederik Ermler and playmaker Niklas Dyrby. Rebels: Rasmus & Kasper Brandt

Valby Royals – KFB Foxes

The KFB Foxes are just recently established  and make their debut in the FNL, led by Danish National team player Emil Gufler as their big star.   Teams should not be fooled by the rookie tag as the talent around Emil includes a lot of experience and serious athletic skills. The Foxes will surprise a lot of teams and are an ambitious squad.

On the other side awaits an old experienced Royals squad. Led by stars Jeppe Højlying and Christoffer Damberg. This will be a classic battle of experience vs. athleticism and we will go out on a limb with a closely fought battle in the foxes favour 27 – 25

Key Players: Royals: Jeppe Højlying and Christoffer Damberg KFB Foxes: Jakob Kossek and Emil Gufler

KFB Foxes – Credit: Jonas Hedegaard

Valby Royals – Allerød Armadillos

Having covered these two teams above there is not much to add for this matchup other than we expect a complete blow out. The Armadillos out matches the Royals in all aspects of the game and thus we anticipate a score difference of 13-49 to Armadillos.

Herlev Rebels – KFB Foxes

We expect the Rebels to be favourites in this match up, but don’t count out the Foxes because of their inexperience on this level as a club. Most if not all their players have played in FNL before. However Herlev are the current champions for a reason and should still come out victorious, especially if they lose the first game of the day.  We have the Rebels – Foxes 34-13

Odense Badgers – Copenhagen Barbarians

We are not sure what to expect from the Badgers as this is there second year playing with the other Copenhagen teams. Last year they did not win a single game, but they still made a fine impression on the league. A lot of close defeats and a team improving over the course of the season. The Barbarians on the other hand started 2017 on fire, with a Sportmonda Bowl III triumph and a runner up finish in Big Bowl to show for it. They faded a bit towards the end of last season potentially exhausted but ended up with a 4th Place finish.

Barbarians must be considered huge favourites for this tie with Our Tip being: Barbarians – Badgers 34-20

Key Players: Badgers: Jonas Fog and Mikkel Ellersgaard Barbarians: Silas Meyer-Juhlin

Credit: Jonas Hedegaard

Copenhagen Barbarians – SGD

The defending Champions Bowl Winners SGD are still a strong side, and are up there with Armadillos as favourites to win everything they participate in. While probably not as talented as the Armadillos (Even though it is very close), they are a hundred times more Clutch, and that has led them to some big results in the past years.

As mentioned above Barbarians do not appear as sharp as last year, and SGD simply has more quality!  We think this will be a close match but will end up in an SGD victory 42 – 34.

Key Players: SGD: Niels Kjær and Mikkel Lindsø

SGD – Odense Badgers SGD

This will be no contest for SGD and expect them to roll over the Badgers. SGD just has too much Elite talent at all positions against an above average squad. Our Tip: SGD – Badgers 52-20


FFW Power Ranking before week 1:

1. Allerød Armadillos

2. SGD

3. Herlev Rebels

4. Copenhagen Barbarians

5. KFB Foxes

6. Valby Royals

7. Odense Badgers


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