Dutch Senior Flag Football League Final Review

The Dutch Senior Flag Football League, part of the AFBN (American Football Bond Nederland), has recently wrapped up their season and a champion has been crowned! Today we’ll take a look at the participants in the final, and how the game went!

First of we are gonna talk about the rules in the Netherlands, the rules are pretty similar to the rest of Europe, the only difference being that they play 4 x 20 minute quarters. The top 4 teams advance to the playoffs where #1 plays #4, and #2 vs #3.

Sunday the 8th of July was the Dutch Finale Weekend in the Netherlands. This years finalists are The Hague Hyenas 1 vs Purmerend Barbarians 1.

Credit: AFBN

The Hague Hyenas 1

The Hyenas, internationally also known as the Dutch Lions, are playing in the finals for the 9th time in a row. They have a great Quarterback in Cliff Dankers, who threw 263 touchdowns, completed 230 PAT’s and only threw 8 interceptions, and a group of very athletic players, both on offense and defense. The standout player being Riezwaan Bholai who caught 47 touchdowns this season and 35 interceptions, returning 19 of them for touchdowns.

They beat The Hague Hyenas 2 with a whopping 263-57 in the play-offs to advance to the finals.

Credit: AFBN

Purmerend Barbarians 1

The Barbarians are a relatively new team, playing only their second season in the league, and both years have had a team playing in the finals. Last year the Purmerend Barbarians 2 lost to The Hague Hyenas 1, so it seems like the Barbarians team this year has some kind of chip on their shoulder.
After losing to The Utrecht Dominators twice in the regular season, the Barbarians 1 team beat them 52-13 in the play-offs to advance to the finals.

The final:

11:00 kickoff, the Hyenas were off to a slow start after playing their tackle football finals the day prior to the flag football finals. The Barbarians  looked like they were in there to win it and were not going to leave anything out there on the field. With touchdowns from Kevin and Davey Kolhoff and a couple of picks from Stefan Vreeman, the Barbarians entered the half time with a 19-12 lead.

After the halftime the Hyenas made some adjustments and they took control.The Barbarians offense couldn’t score anymore whilst the Hyenas scoring unit finally started to find their rhythm. In quarter four, the Hyenas broke loose with a final score 53-21 for the Hyenas.

MVP of the final was Cliff Dankers!

Credit: AFBN

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