FFW Finals Predictions – Premier Division

Who is going to win it all?

JW – Buttonhookers!  They were inconsistent at the start of the year but I think they have now hit their stride.  They have a ridiculous arsenal and as much as there are some decent teams including the so far undefeated Hornets in there I just think they have too much.

AG – I’ve got the Buttonhookers winning it over the Rebels in the final. Honestly they’ve just been on fire on offence, and their defence is much improved with Ryan Loftus returning to the line-up, and they just have too much for their opposition.

JM – Going to have to say Buttonhookers winning it over the Hornets in the Final. This is why we watch any sports, to see the best teams go against each other and the best team from the North vs the best from the South in a monster showdown is my pick. I think the Hookers will take it by 2 scores in the Final.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

Name the four semi-finalists?

JW – Buttonhookers, Hornets, Rebels, Hurricanes.  Although I am looking forward to the Giants v Hurricanes matchup as I think that’s the main 1st rounder that could go either way.

AG – Buttonhookers, Hornets, Rebels and, just to be slightly controversial, the Giants. Buttonhookers and Giants will get pushed the hardest, I think the Rebels and Hornets will have too much for their opponents.

JM – Hookers, Hornets, Hurricanes & Titans. I think Hornets will beat the Titans handily and the Hookers will also win by multiple scores followed by the Hurricanes putting on a defensive display to add to Dean Whittingslow’s turnover troubles this season and finally the Titans back to full strength beating Rebels by 1 or 2 points, XP’s will be the difference.

Credit: Glasgow Hornets

Who will be the biggest team to flunk at the 1st stage?

JW – Aberdeen is maybe the only big team to miss out following a decent campaign.  They will maybe run the Hookers close but wont have quite enough.

AG – Manchester Titans could be in for a rude awakening against the Rebels. That last game-day has be fretting over the Titans, who in Glasgow looked like a strong candidate.

JM – Following on from my previous semi-finals predictions, I’m going to say the Rebels. I can see the Titans edging the Rebels out in a close quarter final battle.

Credit: Manchester Titans

Which player will win the MVP?

JW – As I have the Hookers I think potentially Carl to win it for a 2nd time in a row.

AG – I personally felt he was the MVP of last year’s finals, but Ryan Loftus is my pick for MVP. If not him, Josh Nicholson could ball out. It’s gonna be an offensive showcase in my prediction, so a few defensive splash plays are going to be the difference.

JM – With Hookers winning it all, I’m going to say that Vince Machi takes home the crown in this year’s final after a dominant display in the final.

Which players will shine in the finals?

JW – MBB has racked up the TD’s this year as well as Jeremy from the Rebels so I would expect them to continue into the playoffs.

AG – Jeremy Meslien has been an animal all year, and he’s the reason I have the Rebels making the final. Nick Keyse from the Hurricanes also has a chance to shine against a strong offence in the first round.

JM – For me after seeing him dominate this season, I think Joe Cotterill has an outstanding finals day on both sides of the ball and despite them likely losers to the Hornets in the QF’s, I can see Ollie Tibbles putting in a shift beyond his years to finish off his season in style.

Credit: Sheffield Giants

Finally, because we can, in one sentence what excites you about this finals day?

JW – Loads going on so wont be the usual final 4 damp squib.

AG – More football, more great teams, more classic match-ups in store – I can’t wait!

JM – It’s my first time at Finals day and there is going to be some great football to watch that you don’t always get to see in one place plus I get to match up against my FFW bosses in the QF’s for the first time.

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