FFW Finals Predictions – Division One


Who’s going to win it all?

SA – London Smoke, although they haven’t really been tested all season I can see them having that extra edge with speed, athleticism and a versatile QB making it hard for any team to challenge. However I don’t think they will get it as easy as there 54 point win margin they had in the league this year so will the nerves get the best of them in a tighter game… I doubt it!.

JM – London Smoke, similar to what Stuart has said, they haven’t been tested for the most part in their respective division but they have shown in a number of tournaments especially winning King Bowl that they are the heir apparent to the Division 1 throne and ready for the SEC Premiership already.

Credit : London Smoke

Name the 4 semi finalists?

SA – I cant see anything other than a smoke 60+ victory over the colts in that game being the #1 seed in the south they will keep that seeding going into the semis, the number one seed in the north Carnegie havnt really been tested to this level either but should pass the Blackhawks into semis but maybe in a tight high scoring game.

The other 2 games are really tight and picking any winners could be tough but ill edge on the Honey Badgers to take the honours against the Titans White maybe by 1 score as both teams lost a game but arguably a game they should have won. This could come down to who plays QB for the badgers and if Caleb or Luca have an off day or one doesn’t perform to the same high standard the Titans white could edge it however ill take Honey Badgers.

Warrington and Trojans in a similar position both new to the league in terms of team but players they have some talent no doubt but if the Trojans can contain Jake Shaws offensive production I could see the trojans taking this one, having to pick a winner ill go for he Trojans to claim my 4th Semi final Place.

JM – Smoke & Carnegie will maintain their winning records by dominating in the Quarter Finals then I’ve got the Revolution beating out the Trojans in a close one and the Titans White picking up a 1 score victory against the Honey Badgers.


Who will be the biggest team to flunk?

SA – I cant say the Colts, first year in league, development team behind the broncos and missing starting QB nobody is expecting them to progress, so I might have to say the biggest flunk could comes in the form of one of the experienced teams and it could be the Honey Badgers.

This could be at the first hurdle or the semi final matchup which could potentially be against the London Smoke if Carnegie and the Trojans were to advance.

JM – I think the Honey Badgers will fall at the first hurdle despite the bravado that comes from the Nottingham Camp. I can see this potentially being their undoing, I am looking forward to this QF Match Up.

Credit : Nottingham Honey Badgers

Which player will win MVP?

SA – Like throwing a needle in a hay stack, you just don’t know to be honest but the talent of Charlie and Henry Williams cannot be ignored from the Smoke.

JM – If Carnegie get through to the final, they have a chance to win it all and it’ll be down to Neill Arnold who has been there and done it before. He’s a winner at the end of the day. If the Smoke win it all it’ll be Charlie Williams taking home the MVP crown.

Credit – Carnegie Flag Football

Which players will shine in the finals?

SA – With a good talent pool of players there is arguably a bunch of Premier League level players in Division One, the for mentioned Williams brothers to start are going to light it up.

From Carnegie you have 10 times Britbowl champion Neil Arnold who has found Brandon Lamb to throw dimes to all season. Jake Shaw from Warrington could be an offensive dynamite if he isn’t shut down and then id watch out for the Honey Badgers Paul Teague who picked up 22 Interceptions this season so could be the difference maker to the honey badgers success.

JM – There is a number of players who are going to ball out at Finals Day showing they are ready for the Premiership next season.

Lewis Jaundrell will show he is one of the best up and coming QB’s in the league, Brandon Lamb & Peter Allison will look to continue their deadly duo routine on their way to the final and I think despite a loss in the quarter-finals, I can see Paul Teague showing off those talents at the highest level.

Credit : Warrington Revolution

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