FNY 2021 – Terms and Conditions

FLAGGING NEW YEAR 2021 – (6th Edition)

Saturday 23rd January – Sunday 24th January 2021

Mixed Tournament (24 teams)
Women’s Tournament (8 teams)
Under 14s Tournament (6 teams, Saturday only)

Registration Rules

To be confirmed as registered you must have completed payment and completed the form.
Registration costs are as follows:

Mixed Teams – £120
Women’s Teams – £120
Under 14s Teams – £60

Clubs can only enter one team per bracket, the email address provided will be contacted and
set up as the coach on Zorts.

Team Registration is non-transferable, if your team is unable to attend you cannot sell your
registration to another team.

Roster Rules

Players can only play for one team, there will be no switching teams regardless of groups or

Teams must submit Rosters of players names and short numbers (where possible) prior to the
event taking place the teams will be responsible for having their rosters updated 48 hours
prior to the event.

Tournament Rules

The tournament will follow the IFAF 2019 Rule Book
With the following changes:

  • Games will be 25 minutes in length (12-minute halves, rolling clock)
  • False Start, Delay of Game will be loss of down penalties not 5 yards
  • The play clock for the Mixed and Women’s brackets will be 20 seconds, not 25
  • There will be no timeouts with the exception of injuries
  • The clock will be controlled centrally
  • Teams will be given both a playing and refereeing schedule
  • Groups will be randomly drawn 3 weeks prior to the event taking place
  • Results will be updated on the Zorts App, logos and team names will be added once
    registration is completed

Tournament Structures

Mixed Bracket – Men and Women, 16 years old and above

24 Teams split in to 4 groups, the top 2 teams go through to the Championship Bracket, 3rd
and 4th place will progress to the 9th Place Bracket, 5th place will progress to the 17th Place
Bracket and 6th place will go to the 21st Place Bracket.

Teams will play a minimum of 7 games and a maximum of 8 assuming full attendance.


Women’s Bracket – Women only, 16 years old and above

8 Teams will compete in a single Round Robin, the top 4 will progress to the Championship
Bracket, 5th & 6th place will play for 5th place overall, 7th & 8th place will play for 7th place

Teams will play a minimum of 8 games and a maximum of 9 assuming full attendance.


Under 14s Bracket – Men and Women, Under 14 years old as of
30th August 2020

6 Teams will compete in a single round robin, the top 2 teams will compete in the final.

Teams will play a minimum of 5 games and a maximum of 6 assuming full attendance.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

After registering for the event if your team is unable to take its place and the event goes
ahead, unfortunately we won’t be able to refund individual teams.

If the event has to be cancelled due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) all teams will will be refunded
for their entry fee, the tournament will not be responsible for any other expenses incurred due
to the cancellation.

Affiliation & Insurance

Flagging New Year has no association with and Flag Football Governing Bodies, such as the
British American Football Association (BAFA). Therefore, all teams entering are doing so at
their own risk and are responsible for arranging their own players insurance.

If your team name is owned/ registered with by a governing body, it is your own
responsibility to understand any ramifications that may hold for your club.


By signing up to the tournament and sending payment you are agreeing to all of the above
rules and regulations set out.