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With Big Bowl now firmly in the rear-view mirror, most teams finally return to their regularly scheduled programming as they chase down places in the playoffs, and in turn, the premier league. Despite the mid-season rest, a number of squads have been busy, and there was also the small matter of some SWC fixtures! It’s time to name some Heroes and Villains!

Northants Titans

The Titans program had themselves an incredible weekend on the 3rd and 4th of June. Their youth squad remained undefeated, while their Summer Series squad also won their three contests; conceding zero points and scoring a ridiculous 107.

Their BAFA squads in the meantime picked up huge results in their hunt for the playoffs. The White squad scored a massive win over the Coventry Cougars, placing them within touching distance of a Premier League spot. They also ousted the Coventry Panthers, and put in an admirable effort against former Britbowl champions, the Birmingham Lions. Meanwhile, the Blue squad seized their opportunity to climb up the Southern playoff rankings with a 3-0 day.

All in all, this was a fantastic couple of days for the Northants Titans football program!

Coventry Cougars

Staying in the SWC, it’s time to give some love to the Coventry Cougars Ladies squad! It was a bold move entering the predominantly men’s league after dominating the women’s scene for so long, and we were hoping this ambitious campaign wouldn’t end with a whimper. We highlighted their second bout with the Leicester Eagles as a potential maiden-victory for the Coventry outfit. After a fine display at Big Bowl XI, the Cougar Ladies played their Summer Series fixtures on the Saturday, comfortably going 3-0. The Sunday brought their date with destiny as they took the field against the Eagles. Two Grace Conway TDs later, and the Cougars scored their first ever win in the BAFA league.

Congratulations to the Cougars! We hope this is a first of many wins in what was a pivotal moment for women’s football in the UK!

HNC on Hiatus

The HNC have been out of action for a number of weeks, and don’t return to proper action for a little while yet. Despite this, the teams have made great use of the free time – here’s some highlights.

  • The Grangemouth Broncos have been very busy, as they’ve hosted a number of development days for their rookies and fringe players. Training sessions with the Paisley Spartans have kept them occupied, as did their joint-training session with the Aberdeen Oilcats and Glasgow Hornets.
  • The Hornets themselves have been preparing for their upcoming Champions Bowl appearance, and they managed to offer their services to the GB Lions for a light scrimmage. A number of northern Lions were getting additional reps in together, and had a great test against the Hornets at their weekly training session.
  • Carnegie hosted their annual Carnegie Bowl, with the Steelers, Renegades, Eagles and Dunfermline Kings pitting it out for the inter-club trophy. The Renegades reigned supreme over their sister clubs, winning a tight final against the Steelers.

Well done to all the squads around the league who’ve managed to keep themselves warm as they await the return of the league fixtures. It’s always great to see the community pulling together, whether it’s organising an invitational tournament, or just training together!


Seriously, we’re still waiting for official word of where the European Championships are being held. There’s been rumblings about Copenhagen hosting, but where? No venue has been confirmed, and no solid date has been communicated. While there’s no denying that Copenhagen would be a suitable landing spot for the tournament, given how beautiful the city is, and how flag football in Denmark is almost unrivalled in Europe, it seems absurd that we’re less than 3 months away from this mystical tournament being set in stone.

Hereford Stampede

This seems especially harsh, but Hereford had a bit of a ‘mare in their divisional round of games. After their no-show at Big Bowl, the Stampede proceeded to turn up to Exeter under-strength and lost two very winnable games. Assuming Cardiff hold serve, the Stampede might have lost a golden opportunity to get an important play-off bye. Hereford should clinch their play-off berth, but they’ve made it hard on themselves. They were one of the more intriguing teams of the season so far, but it’s turned sour awfully quickly. We hope they get back on track, as their challenge for the SWC South crown was a compelling story-line.

Flag Football World

While we’re delighted to bring you our stat updates when we can, we have to admit it took a little longer than usual to get our MEC updates published. We’ve got two excuses for this:

  1. Some of the stat sheets were pretty difficult to decipher. Teams will often just have communal jerseys as well, handing them out willy-nilly, meaning that the numbers of the BAFA issue stat sheets require clarification. Different teams also fill in these sheets in different formats. Some squads use their own stat breakdowns. It just takes a wee while longer.
  2. We were super lazy.

We apologise to the entire MEC from the bottom of our hearts. We promise it won’t happen again.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know!

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