HNC Defensive Player of the Year – The Winner

Credit: Gilmour Digital

Our HNC Defensive Player of the Year has been named! In what ended up a much closer race than we anticipated, one player stood head and shoulders above the rest! A lot of players in the HNC performed at a ridiculous high level of defence – here are the top performers!

1. Gary Elliot, Aberdeen Oilcats – 50 Points

Gary Elliot reigns supreme as both the offensive and defensive player of the year. All season, Gary has been the standout player for the vaunted Oilcats defence. With a ridiculous 14 interceptions, with 6 returned for scores, Gary punished any QB who dared to test him in coverage. He comfortably won this stat category and was top of the table all year. Gary normally lines up anywhere on defence, and is often employed in the best position to nullify the biggest offensive threat from the Oilcats’ opposition. We caught up with GB Lions HC Alan Young about Gary’s phenomenal season:

Defensively Gary is a nightmare, that receiver may look open, but they’re not. He’s allowed them past to almost the perfect range of his wing span. He reads the game at the speed of Ray Lewis, coupled with his genetic gifts he’s one of the toughest defenders to play against in the league.

Congratulations again to Gary for his wonderful achievement!

2. Cameron Shaw, Glasgow Hornets – 38 Points

Cameron Shaw is one of the key members of the Hornets defence, despite being the least experienced. In only his third season, Cameron has developed into one of the better defenders at the front line in the HNC. While his tackling is excellent, his knack for creating turnovers with high frequency has earned him the #2 spot in our HNC Defensive Player of the Year countdown!

3. Liam Fleming, Grangemouth Broncos – 29 Points

Liam Fleming has emerged as one of the best coverage players in the HNC, as he snagged 11 interceptions in a tremendous campaign, returning 3 for touchdowns. The Broncos defence is laden with talent, so many teams have to pick their poison. If they choose to challenge Liam, they do so at their own peril.

4. Jamie Archibald, Edinburgh Outlaws – 24 Points

The talented Outlaws have a number of ballhawks in their midst, but none were more productive than Jamie Archibald. Jamie’s season has been a highlight for the Outlaws, who made the playoffs once again in comfortable fashion. We suspected Jamie might have a great year and he delivered in style.

5. Nicholas Farrell, Glasgow Hornets – 23 Points

Nicholas Farrell is the second Hornet who finished in the top 5. The Hornets are historically stingy on defence, and the play of Nicholas is a large reason why. Lining up primarily at safety, Nicky can fulfil a number of roles on defence, display excellent tackling and coverage skills.

Here’s how the rest of the top 10 looks!

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