HNC Defensive Week One Stats

Despite the high scoring in the HNC, there were some impressive defensive performances. We take a look at who is in the lead after week one;

Credit: James Brewerton

1. Gary Elliot, Aberdeen Oilcats – 11 Points

Gary appears in the top 10 for all three of our trackers this week, showing off his versatility. He’s perhaps most known for his defensive prowess though, as it is never wise to throw in his direction. On top of being a good tackler, Gary reads a quarterback better than pretty much everyone in the nation. The GB Lion unsurprisingly tops our week one ranking! Gary tallied 5 interceptions in just two games, and took one of those to the end-zone for a score.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

2. Cameron Shaw, Glasgow Hornets – 10 Points

Cameron’s name is a surprise inclusion to most, as he’s a relative unknown around the BAFA leagues. Cameron has been a standout player in the HNC however, and has represented the Chieftains at last year’s Big Bowl. He set the tone for the Hornets against the Spartans with two interceptions in the first two drives of the game, returning one for a TD. He added a third interception later in the same game. A fourth pick came in the opening drive against the Comets to round off an excellent day for the Hornet.

Credit: James Brewerton

3. David Pasnik, Glasgow Hornets – 9 Points

David doesn’t see a lot of defensive snaps for the Hornets, but when he’s on the field, he finds a knack for getting his hands on the football. He did so so against the Paisley Spartans, as his sole defensive TD set up the easy XP conversion to put the Hornets up to the first 100 point tally of the season. Two of his three interceptions bounced off Spartan players, in close proximity to the former-Bull, where he displayed his fantastic awareness to give the Hornets possession.

Credit: James brewerton

T-4. Nicholas Farrell, Glasgow Hornets – 8 Points

Nicholas (Nicky) is a dark horse for this award for his ability to close on the ball and take it the distance with his elusive running. He netted a pick six in the Spartans fixture and added another interception later in the day. Nicky is a constant presence for the Hornets defence at safety, but will he get enough balls thrown his way to keep his place on this countdown?

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

T-4. Michael Haddow, Carnegie Renegades – 8 Points

Michael had a sensational debut for the Carnegie Renegades as he nearly single-handedly won the huge showdown against the Comets for his side. Michael had a very impressive leaping interception in the first half against the Clyde outfit, and he started the the second half with a game-breaking pick six. Michael started his flag career off on the right foot!

Credit: James Brewerton

T-5. Fraser Thomson, Kevin Woods, Grangemouth Broncos – 7 Points

In their first action of the 2017 season, the Broncos’ deadly duo contributed a pick six each to give them 7 points each in our standings. Both Broncos will likely be in the hunt near the top of our standings as they are two of the top defensive players in the nation. They also compliment each other perfectly when they line up for the Broncos and HNC Chieftains.

T-5. Caspar Volker, Edinburgh Outlaws – 7 Points

Caspar drove the final nail in the coffin of any comeback attempt from the Midlothian Sabers against the Outlaws by taking an interception the length of the field for a touchdown. That score gave the Outlaws a huge victory over their cross-city rivals and also a potentially decisive win in the race for the playoffs in the HNC East.

T-5. Julian Holburn-White, William McNab, Glasgow Hornets – 7 Points

The GB Lion and rookie, respectively, both took interceptions to the end zone in the game against the Paisley Spartans. With the Spartans looking for an elusive score on the Hornets defence, both players capitalised and put themselves in the hunt for this award.


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