HNC QB Week One Stats


The HNC saw a number of high scoring affairs in its first game week, and the QBs benefited to put up a strong first week performance. FFW takes a look at who’s leading the pack for the QBs after a week of action…

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

1. Nicholas Farrell, Glasgow Hornets – 85 Points

Nicholas (or Nicky) is head and shoulders above the rest of his competition in the first week. He put up a dominating display against the Spartans, throwing for 8 TDs and adding 10 XPs. He added another 11 TDs combined against the Renegades and Comets from under centre, and did a lot of damage with his legs. His reliance on his running ability might have cost him a more commanding lead, and with Alan Young returning to the line up soon, we expect Nicky to only add sporadically to his monstrous week one Performance

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

2. Scott McKenzie, Grangemouth Broncos – 55 Points

Scott (or Scooter) took advantage of his talented crop of receiving by notching 11 TDs and 11 XPs, and a 2 point conversion in two games. Scott managed this impressive output in only two games as well, and he’ll look to build on this against the Paisley Spartans in the next set of games, but he’ll also face his first real test of the season as the Oilcats await…

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

3. Ross Dawkins, Carnegie Renegades  – 40 Points

In a somewhat surprising entry, the Carnegie stand-in performed admirably against the Comets and Spartans, and even grabbed a TD pass against the historically stingy Hornets defence. Ross took care of the ball and threw for 10 scores. With BAFA Hall of Fame QB Neil Arnold on the sideline, we’re not surprised to see a more effective Carnegie passing attack.

Credit: Mike Dixon

4. Scott Stopani, Aberdeen Oilcats – 36 Points

You’ll probably see Scott’s name fairly high on this list throughout the season, as the Oilcats veteran is a safe pair of hands at QB. This is evidenced by his no-pick day in the Granite City. He Oilcats do employ a very conservative offensive game plan at time, and it’s worked to their advantage in the past, but this might hinder Scott in the final standings.

Credit: Dunbeth Dragons

5. Alistair Aitken, Dunbeth Dragons – 21 points

Alistair is one of our favourite QBs to watch in the UK. He has a fiery personality and is not afraid to challenge star safeties. He shows no fear at QB and has an excellent arm. He walked away from a potentially troubling game against the Broncos with only one interception, and threw 6 TDs in his efforts against the Grangemouth squad and the Carnegie Steelers. Alistair could be a dark horse for this division..


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