HNC Top Defensive Players – Midseason

Our final stat update for the HNC sees us look at the defensive players who are making a splash so far. Here’s how the standings look so far!

Credit: Aberdeen Oilcats


1. Gary Elliot, Aberdeen Oilcats – 34 Points

We’re tempting to call the race, as after only 6 games, the GB Lion from Aberdeen already has 10 interceptions, 4 of which he’s returned for TDs. Gary proves to be as deadly on defence as he is on offence, and is a clear front-runner at the halfway point of the season.

Credit: James Brewerton

2. Cameron Shaw, Glasgow Hornets – 21 Points

We referred to him as an unknown at the start of the season, but QBs are starting to learn the hard way who Cameron Shaw is. Cameron couples his excellent tackling with his great knack for getting his hands on the ball. He is some way off of Gary, but sits in second place in our countdown by virtue of the one TFL he has accrued.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

3. Liam Fleming, Grangemouth Broncos – 20 Points

Liam’s most recent outing for the Broncos saw him pick up a huge pick six to seal an important victory against the Clyde Comets. Liam has managed to snag 8 picks in 8 games so far, as his speed makes it difficult for offensive players to get any separation.

Credit: James Brewerton

T-4. Julian Holburn-White, Glasgow Hornets – 14 Points

Julian doesn’t see much time on defence for the Hornets, as he mainly cuts his teeth on offence. However when given the opportunity, he seizes it, and returns it for a TD.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

T-4. Kevin Woods, Grangemouth Broncos – 14 Points

The GB Lion defender is part of the athletic Broncos defence which troubles opposing QBs. Kevin has grabbed two interceptions so far this season, returning both for scores.

Credit: James Brewerton

T-5. Chris Lang, Clyde Comets – 13 Points

Chris has been a switchblade for the Comets defence so far, as their resurgence towards the playoffs has taken them from a disappointing debut to being in sole possession of second place in their division. Chris has had a number of game ending interceptions, including sealing the wins against the Sabers and Dragons on game day two.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

T-5. Ross McLean, Carnegie Renegades – 13 Points

Ross has been a standout performer in years past for the Renegades and Revolution, and he has carried that form into this season. He has 5 picks so far this season, with his only TD being the hammerblow in the Carnegie derby which gave his side the victory.

Here’s how the HNC defenders stack up at the midway point in the season!

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