HNC Top Offensive Players – Midseason


After week three in the HNC, we look at how the offensive players have performed with the finish line now in sight!

Credit: Jimmy Thomson


1. Gary Elliot, Aberdeen Oilcats – 96 Points

Gary has been in ridiculous form for the Oilcats so far. He is the joint leader in TDs for the conference, and he also contributes as a QB when called upon. Gary holds the sole lead in our top 10 by virtue of his XPs scored. The GB Lion looks set up well to run away with this competition, as he has played two less games than his closest rival.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson


2. Callum Woods, Grangemouth Broncos – 90 Points

Callum utilises his game-breaking speed and elusiveness to give his opponents fits. 14 TDs in 8 games gives him the joint-lead in this category for the conference. His 4 TD performance against the historically stingy Aberdeen Oilcats defence highlights his stellar season.

Credit: James Brewerton

3. David Pasnik, Glasgow Hornets – 83 Points

The former Kirkcaldy Bull has been lethal for the Hornets this year, as his versatility has allowed the Hornets offence to return to its explosive form shown last year. David’s 12 TDs and 11 XPs has shown that he is deadly from anywhere on the field as he displays excellent route running which gives him separation from defenders.

Credit: James Brewerton


4. Julian Holburn-White, Glasgow Hornets – 80 Points

The GB Lion joins his teammate from the Hornets in the top 5 by virtue of his 13 TDs scored to date. Julian has blossomed since his transfer from the Carnegie Steelers two seasons ago, and he deservedly headlines. Just ask the Dragons, as he scored 4 TDs in a 68-0 romping of the Dunbeth outfit.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

5. Liam Fleming, Grangemouth Broncos – 70 Points

The GB Silver Lion has developed exceptionally well in the past few seasons. Liam has gone from a rotational player for the Broncos to their go-to receiver in many situations. Teams need to account for his speed and ability to stretch the field when they face the Grangemouth squad

Here’s how the offensive players in the HNC look as thing stand;

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