HNC Top QBs – Midseason


The HNC has already crowned a division winner, and we felt it was the right time to take a look at how the race for the top QB in the division is looking at the mid-season point!

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

1. Scott McKenzie, Grangemouth Broncos – 180 Points

Scott has been ever present of the Broncos this year, and this has led to him taking a commanding lead at the top of our leaderboard. His 41 TDs in 8 games so far leads the conference, and with the division sewn up, Scott can focus on adding to his scores in the remaining games.

Credit: James Brewerton

2. Alan Young, Glasgow Hornets – 130 Points

Alan’s return to the Hornets starting lineup has seen an explosion in the points scored for the Glasgow squad. Being able to move Nicholas Farrell into the receiving corps gives the Hornets an excellent chess piece to make their offence even more dangerous. After missing a game day, Alan will be intent on making up for lost time.


Credit: Jimmy Thomson

3. Fraser Reid, Carnegie Steelers – 92 Points

Fraser has been a surprisingly solid performer for the Carnegie Steelers so far this year. He’s executed in an offence he seems comfortable in, and has impressed onlookers with his poise. He does have a nasty habit of turning the ball over and taking sacks, but he’s still done enough positives to end up at number 3 in our countdown.


Credit: James Brewerton

4. Nicholas Farrell, Glasgow Hornets – 90 Points

Nicholas’ ridiculous week one performance is only punctuated by his ranking now, after mostly featuring at WR since week one. He has spelled Alan Young at times, and added to his QB score when given the opportunity.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

5. Ross Dawkins, Carnegie Renegades – 75 Points

Like Fraser, Ross has been a consistent performer for his team so far this year. Unlike Fraser, Ross has been able to look after the ball, and given the Renegades a chance to compete this season. Limiting mistakes has been a recipe for success at times for the Carnegie squad so far this season.

Here’s how things look in the top 10 at the midpoint of the HNC season!

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