Jacks of All Trades

Players lining up in different positions in Flag is routine, and there is no doubt that some individuals are outstanding in more than just one! FFW had a look around the league to shine the light on some players who can dominate in more than one position.

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Gary Elliot, Aberdeen Oilcats – QB, Safety, Blitzer, WR: Gary is the epitome of the Jack of all trades.  His height alone makes him a great target as a wide receiver, while always making him a tricky proposition for any QB, whether he is blitzing or sitting in coverage. He has an excellent understanding of the game, and exceptional hands. He may be the most feared player in Britain as he can hurt a team, no matter where he lines up. He was top in two of our HNC stat categories last year, both on offence and defence. HNC Chieftains and Aberdeen Oilcats head coach and team mate Michael Scott had this to say about Gary:

“It’s very easy to focus on his height, but whilst that certainly helps, it’s the attributes he’s able to combine it with (such as his athleticism, ability to read the game and excellent hand eye coordination) that make him so versatile. His ability to pick things up very quickly is also key.  Growing up, Gary was that friend who would come over to play your new computer game and instantly be annoyingly good at it, whilst you’re still trying to work out what all the buttons do!”

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Dean Whittingslow, Sheffield Giants – QB, CB: Although Dean can play in most positions, the two he really has shown a knack for are at CB and QB. Many would argue that defense is his . He has also taken to the QB position extremely well this season, which is evident in his placement in our MEC leaderboard, but he also led the London Barbarians to a top 4 finish at Big Bowl XI after being forced into action, taking over for the injured James Woodward.

His team mate Josh Allen had this to say about Dean: “Dean’s ability and knowledge on both sides of the ball is invaluable. When he’s playing QB he can pick apart a defence, and when he is at corner he can read what the offence is doing. Having that experience constantly on the field is a huge advantage for us come game time

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Kenny Bello, London Rebels – QB, Safety, WR: Kenny is a household name around the league, and in many parts of Europe. You might know him from the awesome UK Dukes videos, or you’ve probably seen him galloping away from you as that “Mr Sir” on the back of his shirt gets smaller and smaller as he scores (again). Once you’ve played Kenny, you’ll understand just how dynamic he is. Last season in particular was a banner year for the Rebel, as he sat comfortably atop the SEC defenders, while also making an appearance in the top 5 receivers in the conference; an excellent achievement when you consider the attention he receives from opposition defenders.

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Nicholas Farrell, Glasgow Hornets – QB, WR, CB, Safety: After playing against the Hornets, opposition players come away wondering why they underestimated the young Farrell. He may not look like the most athletic or imposing figure on the field. He doesn’t have the height of a Gary Elliot, but he makes up for this with incredible raw ability, no matter where he lines up on the field.

Nicholas (or Nicky) turned heads at Big Bowl X on pitch one, as he took a short pass on the left-hand side of the pitch to the house, bamboozling every Slovenian defender that he’d just left in the dust. The live stream exploded. While this was no doubt a special moment for the HNC Chieftain, it’s something that we see on a regular basis from Nicky. He mainly lines up at receiver for his hometown Hornets, but he’s also one of the most feared safeties in the league. When called upon, Nicky suits up as QB, giving teams another thing to worry about. His starting role for the Super 5 champions HNC Chieftains at QB is a tribute to his all-round ability. Teammate Andrew Gibson had this to say about Nicky:

“Nick is without a doubt our swiss-army knife. He’s as elusive as anyone I’ve ever seen, as well as having an excellent arm and a good mind. His strongest attribute might be his mental toughness. Even when he’s not having the best day by his lofty standards, he’ll still pull out a jaw-dropping play and remind you of the ability he has. He can go as far as he wants in this game.”

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Joe Cotteril, Cardiff Hurricanes – QB, WR, Safety: Joe even for his young age has been around for what seems a lifetime in the sport but has brought a finesse to flag.  He has an ability to read the game so well at safety and as a receiver. He proved himself under centre when he took the Hurricanes all the way to the 2014 Championship. He recently represented the GB Silver Lions in Ireland.  He has reprised his role as QB for the Hurricanes this season and currently leads them to a 5-0 record throwing for 21 TD’s on Gameday 1.

Here’s a few words about Joe, written by Gareth Price of the Hurricanes media;

‘Joe Cotterill is a force on both sides of the ball. He developed his receiving skills with the Bristol Aztecs and Swansea Titans kitted teams and brings guile, deceptive speed and superglue hands to the Hurricane offence. His vast knowledge of the game which also aids him on defence, where he is Cardiff’s most reliable ball hawk. Joe also Quarterbacked the National Championship side of 2014 and has been known to strike the odd 50yd field goal in his kitted pursuits.’

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