King Bowl 2017

Do you like to party and play Flag football? We may have found something right up your street. If you don’t mind a short plane ride to Amsterdam on Thursday the 27th April then you will land on ‘Koninsdag’ which translates to Kings Day.

This is a National Holiday to celebrate King Willem-Alexander’s birthday and attracts more than a million people to Amsterdam alone. You will likely be met by a sea of orange with Street carnivals, dancing and singing combined with open air free markets during the day. Basically an all day party!

If you are not already partied out by Kings Night then you have a chance to really embrace your hangover with clubs organising special parties and concerts as the activities continue through the night.

Friday will give you the chance to get yourself back to normality and take in some of the sights as well as sample some of the local cakes.

On the Saturday the King Bowl held by our friends the Utrecht Dominators takes place. To celebrate kings day they have organised a 2 day tournament in Utrecht, just 23 minutes on the train from Amsterdam.

The tournament will host up to 24 men’s and mixed teams from Holland and across Europe using a group format. Once those group games are completed, new groups will be created to see where each team places. This is the 1st time King Bowl has been run and is hoped it will become an annual fixture. Some interesting teams will be in attendance such as the Dutch national team under the Hague banner as well as the Warsaw Wombats.

Below is a list of the teams already signed up with some spaces still available.  If you are interested in entering a team into the event you can do so at

Utrecht Dominators (Netherlands)

Warsaw Wombats (Poland)

Mainz Legionaries (Germany)

Purmerend Barbarians 1 (Netherlands)

Purmerend Barbarians 2 (Netherlands)

Team America (Belgium)

Mayhem (USA)

Düsseldorf Bullies (Germany)

United Athletes (Netherlands)

Black Flag Magdeburg (Germany)

Villeneuve d’Ascq Vikings (France)

The Hague Hyenas (Netherlands)

Bunnik Bandits (Netherlands)

Pink Bulls (Netherland)

Cologne Pandas (Germany)

There is currently room with the Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies if any players are interested in playing but do not have a team. You can show your interest on the event page below.

In this great article below you can read a little more about Flag football growth in Europe as well as more information about King Bowl.

For more Information on King Bowl, check out our Event Page

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