League One North Week One – Five Things We Learned

Bear in Mind

The Nottingham Bears are the story of the MEC League One divisions after the first round of action. Their schedule was a little favourable, with two development teams on the menu, but their victory over the Newcastle Blackhawks had us stunned at FFW Towers. We had the Bears as a middling team in this division, but that result really threw a spanner in the works (I’m not saying “Bear among the Blackhawks”).  If they can repeat that result at the next set of games, they’ve got to be considered favourites to at least compete for promotion this year!

West Shaping Up Nicely

The MEC West on the other hand had far less shocks for us to spend too much time thinking about. The Wigan Bandits looked as strong as expected (granted, their defence was a little shaky) while the Owls added to their parliament with an impressive turnout in their two victories.

Meanwhile, the Buccaneers and Revolution Cogs messed up everyone’s predictions with a tied game, while the Cavaliers and Wirral Vikings are still looking for their first victories of the season.

Tough Debuts

Three teams entered development sides in the League One format from the MEC this season, with the Revolution Cogs, Leeds Ronin and Vipers Orange all taking their competitive bows with muted results. The Cogs grabbed 1.5 wins, but the Leeds Ronin and Vipers Orange went winless after one round of play. The Samurai’s main team fared much better with two wins, and the Ronin defence was somewhat resolute in comparison with the Vipers Orange!

The aforementioned Wirral Vikings were also making their first showing in the BAFA leagues, but a winless start has them in trouble.

In the HNC, the only (re-)debuting club was the West Lothian Chargers. Their first round of games were pretty miserable, with a 38-0 hammering against the Killer Bees compounding their misery as they sit at 0-3.

Sweet as Honey

On the topic of the HNC, the side at the top of the heap after the opening bouts are the Glasgow Killer Bees. The hosting side conceded 6 points in three games as they took care of business on home turf. Their wins over the fancied Silvercats and Sabers caught us by surprise – the manner of victory against the Silvercats was particularly eye-opening, as they snatched a 27-0 victory. The defence remained stout throughout the day, as the blitzing talent of Paul Ferretti gave opposition QBs nightmares all day long. They’ve got teams breathing down their necks, but this was the best possible start for the Glasgow side.

Raptors are Frisky

With the Killer Bees the only undefeated team after week one, the Raptors are right behind them at 2-1. They overcame their opening loss to the Colts with two wins against the Chargers and Silvercats. One game was close, the other, not so much, but both weren’t without their share of fiery moments. The Raptors seem to thrive on momentum, and snatched it early against the Silvercats on the way to a 51-15 win, whereas their 20-6 win against the Chargers was a more disjointed performance.

They take on the Killer Bees in Aberdeen at the next game-day, as well as the Sabers. With the rest of the division seemingly cannibalising itself, the Raptors have an opportunity to close the gap on the Killer Bees.

Headline image credit of the Newcastle Blackhawks

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