MEC Defensive Week One Rankings


Week one in the MEC saw some high scoring action, but that doesn’t mean that some defensive stars didn’t get their chance to impress. Here’s how the MEC Defensive Player of the Year countdown looks now;

Credit: James Brewerton

T-1. Sam Wynne, Cheshire Cavaliers – 9 Points

With a premium on scoring for defensive players in our leader-board, Sam took a slender lead (along with another player) with his performance in week one. Showing he can do it all, Sam got himself a pick six to go along with his two sacks. He faces some tough quarterbacks later in the season, but he’ll have a chance to add to his tally as he plays the Darlington Steam, Calderdale Knights and Nottingham Bears next.

Credit: James Brewerton

T-1. Max Verlint, Sheffield Giants – 9 Points

Max put in a sensational performance in week one, with 3 interceptions, and taking one to house. While most QBs try to avoid throwing the way of Dean Whittlingslow, Max will be able to take full advantage going forward. Given how stingy the MEC South QBs are, it was impressive to see Max be so productive.

2. Kyle Sharp, Calderdale Knights – 8 Points

In a rough day for the Knights, Kyle had an excellent outing statistically. His defensive TD against the Blackhawks was a bright moment in the game, and he added another interception later in the day. Calderdale’s players tend to possess great speed, so any time they get their hands on a misthrown ball by the opposition QB, they are always a threat to take it to the endzone. Kyle did so get a podium place on our leader-board after week one.

Credit: Ewan Miller

T-3. Jonny Dudley, Leeds Samurai – 7 Points

The Leeds put themselves in a good position for the playoffs after week one, and Jonny’s performance certainly helped. He snagged himself a pick six on a great day for the Samurai. He faces the free scoring Warhawks, Titans and Vipers next however, so his opportunities to could be limited going forward. However, the way the MEC has been so far, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Jonny’s name higher on this list later in the season.

Credit: James Brewerton

T-3. Leigh Kerrigan, Manchester Titans – 7 Points

Leigh helped himself to a pick six of his own in chaos that was the MEC Central game day. The division’s overall style so far could lend itself well to a player from here to win this award, as the offences appear to be very swashbuckling in their approach.

Credit: James Brewerton

4. Jordan Parker, Manchester Titans – 6 Points

Jordan was all over the field for the Titans, as he contributed to the Titans 3-0 start with two interceptions, one sack, one tackle for a loss, including a safety to give his team point. This is quite the resumĂ© for one day of action, and we look forward to following Jordan’s season closer…

Credit: James Brewerton

5. Zalan Toth, Manchester Crows – 5 Points

This is not the Crow you expected to see on this countdown, however the Crows won’t be surprised, as the towering Hungarian helping himself to a fine debut for the Manchester side. Zalan helped himself to an athletic XP Return for 2 points as he tipped the ball when blitzing into his own hands and took it the other way. Coupled with his two sacks, Zalan is the top Crow as things stand.


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