MEC QB Week One Rankings

The MEC had some impressive back and forth contests, which lead to some interesting QB battles, where some heavy hitters posted some big numbers. Here are the top QBs for the first week of action from the MEC;

EDITORS NOTE – As correctly pointed out by the Sheffield Vipers, we had an error in our initial tally, and have rectified this below. Normally. we would feature the top five spots, but in this article we felt it was only fair to acknowledge Dino’s performance at the number 6 spot.

Credit: Rob Connor

1. Alan Mead, Manchester Titans – 90 Points

Alan put in a near flawless performance in week one as he guided his team to 3-0 against some tough opposition. His day was highlighted by a 7 TD performance against the fancied Manchester Crows. Alan put up 20 TDs with an impressive 14 XPs to put him in the lead with 90 points in our countdown. With the addition of dangerous receiver David McInally, the Titans offence looks potent enough to make Alan a strong contender for this award.

Credit: James Brewerton

2. Talha Javed, Manchester Crows – 85 Points

From across town, Talha matched Alan’s TD output in an excellent day for the Crows QB. In his duel with the Titans, Talha threw for 6 TDs, but his 9 TD haul against the Wigan Warhawks caught our eye. Talha will be a name to watch in the top QB race, as he has a very good supporting cast at the Crows. We’ll be excited to see how the boat-race in the MEC Central plays out between Alan and Talha.

Credit: James Brewerton

3. Dean Whittlingslow, Sheffield Giants – 77 Points

Dean put in a typically lethal performance in the MEC South contests, with the Sheffield offence putting up over 30 points in every game. What’s most impressive about Dean’s performance however is that we know it can get better; the Giants were down a number of household names on offence, yet Dean still managed 17 TDs in three games.

Credit: James Brewerton

4. Keith Woodley, Sheffield Vipers – 65 Points

Keith cut his teeth in Scotland, as he used to suit up for the Glenurquhart Gladiators at junior level. He’s found a new role in Sheffield, as he has become a more than capable quarterback. He demonstrated this in his first outing in the MEC South set of games, as he put the Honey Badgers to the sword with a near perfect performance, throwing 5 TDs with no sacks or interceptions suffered. Keith has two talented receivers in Tom Fowkes and Luke Bennett, who he will rely on if he is to rise in our rankings.

Credit: James Brewerton

5. Ewan Miller, Newcastle Blackhawks – 64 Points

Ewan is another Scottish transplant, this time from the Edinburgh Outlaws, where he arrived from a few seasons ago. He has transformed the Blackhawks offence since his arrival using his experience. Ewan shows elusiveness and accuracy in the pocket and makes good use of his receivers. He earned a HNC Chieftains call up at Super 5’s and did well with his opportunity. Ewan could be a dark horse, as his potent offence welcomed the re-arrival of Mike Dunn after his Britbowl stint with the Glasgow Hornets.

Credit: James Brewerton

6. Dino Vernazza, Wigan Warhawks – 55 Points

Dino had a mixed outing in the first MEC Central gameday, as he still put up an impressive 14 TDs. However he did throw 4 picks and 4 XPs, which is fine given the competition he was playing. It was Danny Caballero seemingly taking some QB reps away from Dino that has us a little concerned. This might just be a fleeting thing, but Dino will need all the help he can get if he is to keep pace with the other MEC QBs. He does have that help however in the form of the aforementioned Danny and Chris Smith who came up huge for the Warhawks.


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